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When selling a property, owners usually take the traditional selling route by engaging a real estate agent for listing the property and undertaking all relevant marketing activities to find out some interested buyers quickly.  The time taken to find buyers depends on several factors, but one of the highest impacts is the market condition and buyer'...
Written by
Jiggy Clark
Mohamed Hassan
Are you thinking about buying a property? Getting on the property ladder is a big financial decision and one that should not be made lightly. It can be an overwhelming process that requires a lot of time and patience in order to get it right. Here are 7 things to consider when buying property. 
Written by
Ralph (Ravi) Kayden (image cover), Tierra Mallorca , Vu Anh, Mark Rabe
The Ecuadorian architecture studio Jannina Cabal & Arquitectos has recently completed ''6M House'' a single-family home located in Samborondón, Guayas province, Ecuador.
Project name
6M House
Architecture firm
Jannina Cabal & Arquitectos
Samborondón, Ecuador
JAG Studio