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Parkhotel Mondschein: A Reminiscent Of Italian Cinematic In Bolzano, Italy

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The Aficionados
Courtesy of The Aficionados

In a heritage-listed building that dates back as far as 1330, this The Aficionados hotel brings back the glamour of the old days to the skirts of the Italian Alps.

An urban sanctum of relaxed glamour located in Bolzano, South Tyrol, Parkhotel Mondschein -a member hotel of The Aficionados-is the parkland hub that kindles design, music, the arts, culture, mindfulness and nature.

This heritage-listed building, clad in white shutters, is a true architectural chameleon – a Wunderkammer of historic stucco, wide corridors, high ceilings, ornate carpentry, stonework and original herringbone parquet. Parts of the house date back to 1330; the medieval was then married to Belle Époque additions in 1890. The renovation saw the creative direction by planning studio Biquadra, based in nearby Merano, with designer Christina Biasi-von Berg at the helm narrating the project. Their motto to 'breathe new life into what already exists, adapt to the requirements and spirit of the time' perfectly encapsulates Parkhotel Mondschein's transformation.

Remodelled over the centuries, 'Cinematic Italian' is the interior design mantra that consummately knits the restored historical elements to the nostalgia, style and flamboyance from the height of Italian film and design of the 1960s. Mid-century pieces are recast with a modern hand and a subtle coherence colours its history and surroundings – softly smudged grey, moss green and tawny browns, oiled woods, and statement white lighting reflecting the natural hues of the mountains. "In the redesign, beautiful materials, good quality and intelligent design were top priorities. We wanted to create a place where people can relax and take a break. You don't need a lot for that, but what little you have has to be first class," says Moritz Dissertori, host at Hotel Mondschein.

A liberal place-to-be, this member hotel of The Aficionados also adds another dimension with its use of contemporary artwork and commissioned pieces from the likes of interdisciplinary artist Irene Fernández Arcas creating installations, combining drawings, paintings and photography, and Dominican-French artist and photographer Karla Hiraldo Voleau. Curating a cultural hub, the hotel showcases both photography and paintings plus its roster of young talents, authors, wine producers and DJs keeps the curious visitor's mind nicely fizzing.

Onsite yoga studio, Arise, located within the ancient walls of the Mondschein, is geared to complete the circle of balance and mindfulness with a rota of guest instructors. There's also the statement 48m² dark green tiled pool, clad in terracotta flooring for those who seek to chill poolside. Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects is Parkhotel Mondschein's easy access to nature. Located adjacent to the park, you can wander at ease among the shade of ancient trees and listen to the stillness of the mountains. Swathed in authenticity and creature comforts, this new city bolthole is set to be a scene-stealer.



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By Liliana Alvarez

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