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Interior Design Trends for Your Home Office That Improve Productivity

Written by:
Catherine Park

Home offices are undoubtedly among the most coveted spaces in homes. Some years ago, home offices were considered symbols of luxury, with most homeowners using them as storage areas or extra bedrooms. However, the post-pandemic world has made it necessary for most people working from home, either full or part-time, to create a dedicated home office space.

While you can work from the kitchen counter or the couch, there’s something about having an intentional office, whether a stylized chair and desk in some corner or a secluded room. Like traditional offices, you should engage Greenville interior design experts to create a home office that boosts productivity. Below are a few trends your interior design experts should consider:

1.      Personalize the Space

While it is best to have a simple workplace, you should consider adding a few unique/personal touches. Personalizing the space can improve motivation, focus, and productivity. For instance, artists can showcase their completed works. Travel enthusiasts can display pictures from their previous adventures. Ideally, you should make your home office a place to showcase your personality/individuality.

This includes choosing wallpapers, color shades, indoor plants, and creating inimitable focal points. Redesign the home office to accommodate what you love and care for the most. However, be careful to avoid riddling the office with distractions. Interior design experts can help you achieve a personalized yet clutter-free home office.

2.      Take Advantage of Natural Light

Natural light is a well-known source of vitamin D. Studies have also shown that natural light helps maintain productivity, reduces eye issues, and promotes a good night’s rest. Sunlight is beneficial for your physical and mental well-being, and can save you money on utility costs. Working in a home office with a lot of poor lighting negatively affects your health. Bad lighting is associated with various ill-health effects, such as headaches, eye strain, stress, and anxiety. 

Ensure that your workstation has a sufficient supply of natural light. You should also angle your screen properly to avoid glares. If you can’t leverage natural light in your home office, possibly due to the location of the space in your home, use artificial light cautiously. Opt for multidirectional and yellow light over directional and white light. 

3.      Avoid Neutral Paint Colors

Most homeowners and interior designers initially lauded neutral colors for various reasons. However, modern interior design trends encourage using bright colors to make home office spaces more pleasant. Replace bland and neutral colors with vibrant color palettes for better productivity.

Colorful rugs, bold drapes, bright couches, and unique art pieces are 2023’s inspiring trends. You can also add more personal touches to your home office by incorporating eye-catching colors. That said, you should consider refreshed primary color options, such as reds with orange undertones, hazy blues, vibrant pastels, and buttery yellow for your home office.


Working from home is the new norm, with more companies encouraging employees to work remotely. If you have transitioned already, consider creating an environment that inspires productivity and motivation to work. However, this doesn’t mean you should ditch your personal style in favor of conventional office settings.

By Liliana Alvarez

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