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Home Remodeling 101: How to Choose the Right Contractor

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Choosing a remodeling contractor is not an easy task, as it requires you to hire an employee who will be responsible for the changes in the layout, structure, and style of your home. With so many remodeling companies on the market, how do you choose a reliable contractor who will provide a high-quality service? Follow these tips to narrow down your selection and find the best possible candidate for the job.

1. Get recommendations

There are several ways to create a list of the top contenders. Start by asking your relatives, friends, and colleagues, especially those who had renovations recently, about their recommendations. Peruse the Internet, read blogs and client reviews, and ask other people about the preferred contractor. By asking for referrals, you will create a list of the most suitable contractors in your area.

2. Check out the portfolio

Assessing previous projects is another way to evaluate the craftsmanship and avoid subpar work. A professional contractor will almost certainly have a website where you can check out their work quality and attention to detail. If they don't have a website, contact them directly and inquire whether they have an analog or digital portfolio. Vet out the chosen contractors and choose the top contenders whose style and work you prefer the most.

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3. Ask for licensing and certification

This step is one of the most crucial, as it will help you avoid being scammed or sued. Check the contractor’s paperwork, like licenses from state and local municipalities, permits, liability insurance, and workers’ certification. A contractor who has all the necessary certifications will help you avoid any financial liability for damages or injuries that can happen during the renovation.

4. Ensure open communication

You should get along well with the contractor, as you will spend a lot of time with this person in the near future. Communication style is extremely important. Your contractor must be polite and ready to respond to your questions and meet your requirements. If the contractor is not replying to your phone calls or takes days to contact you back, look for a different one.

5. Get a detailed contract

A comprehensive contract will ensure that you and the contractor are legally covered. A proper contractor must include the project’s scope and timetable, payment plan, and necessary supplies, as well as additional clauses like warranties or guarantees. A detailed contract is crucial for both sides.

When browsing for a reliable contractor, you need to consider several factors. Get recommendations from your friends, ensure that the portfolio matches your requirements and style, check the permits and licensing, and get a detailed contract — all this will ensure that the chosen contractor is reliable, meets the standards, and will help you to create the cozy house of your dreams.

By Liliana Alvarez

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