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How to Keep Your Garden Looking Great: 4 Tips

Written by:
Allen Brown
Marzenna Gaines (cover image), Maria Orlova

With the weather warming up, it’s finally time to turn your attention to your garden. Gardening can be a great, therapeutic way to become one with nature, but it can be difficult to keep your garden looking its best. If you want to spruce up your vegetable or flower patch, but don’t know how, this list has got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about making sure your garden looks great this season.

Hydration, hydration, Hydration!

Plants need water to survive, so if you want your plants to look good, you need to make sure you water them. Different plants require different amounts of water and water pressure. Keeping up with all your plants’ water needs can be a challenge, so doing a little research is a good idea. Having the right watering supplies that supply the right amount of water pressure is a good idea too. Dried out or flooded plants are never a good look, so keep your garden looking great by keeping it hydrated properly.

Do regular checks on your plants

Plants are susceptible to all kinds of pests and diseases. If you want your garden to look great this summer, you need to make sure they haven’t caught anything. Give your plants regular check-ups to make sure you stay on top of things. Don’t stop at the leaves, flowers, and stems, make sure to check the roots too. Pests and diseases can cause a lot of damage to

your plants if they’re not spotted on time. If you’ve identified a problem, make sure to do some research or contact an expert in gardening to help you handle the issue the right way. 

Choose your plants carefully

A great way to make sure that your garden stays in tip-top shape is by carefully planning what you put into it. Plant choice is important when it comes to your garden, both for looks and for their livelihood. Pay close attention to the plants you buy to make sure they’re not damaged or carrying any pests or diseases. You also need to choose plants that have a strong chance of survival in your garden. Not all plants and vegetables grow all year round, so make sure to plant them at times when they can grow best. Choose plants that are suitable to your environment and plant them in spots where they can thrive.

Keep up with the latest trends in gardening

One way to make sure your garden looks great is to keep up with the times. Just like in fashion, home decor, and architecture, there are trends in the world of gardening. Symmetry, vegetable patches, and ponds are very in this year. If you’re not a very creative person yourself, take some inspiration from modern garden designs and try to implement them in your own garden. Vintage is always in, but there’s nothing like a beautiful modern garden to keep your neighbors and visitors in awe.

garden design
image © Maria Orlova

Keeping your garden looking great is a lot of hard work. It takes time, patience, and lots of pruning but with the right tools, anything is possible. Make sure to water your garden and keep it free of pests. Choose your plants carefully and try adding some modern influences and your garden will be looking great in no time!

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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