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How to Recreate the Best Garden Designs

Written by:
Carol Trehearn
Daderot, Hiro2006 (cover image), 663highland, Markus Spiske, Martina Picciau, Matt Hoffman, Michael Lee

Do you ever browse gorgeous gardens and patios in magazines, dreaming that your outdoor space could one day look like that? Well, it can! With a little creativity, a bit of knowledge, and a lot of hard work, you can recreate some of the best garden designs. 


The Water Garden 

The water garden is perfect for those who love to watch the hypnotizing water flow while enjoying the wildlife that nature has to offer. To create this, you will need to build a pond, which requires the space, the equipment, and – of course – water. 

Heian-jingu shinen (Heian Shrine garden), Kyoto, JapanImage © Daderot

Water-garden.co.uk has plenty of high-quality equipment to get you started on your journey to a water garden. Once you’ve bought what you need, you’ll need to dig the hole, place the pond liner in, fill it with water, and then place all other accessories into the pond. You can even add in a cool fountain feature or some colorful fish! 


The Fairy Garden 

Do you want to feel like you’re stepping into a fairy tale when you walk into your garden? If so, then the fairy garden is for you. Recreate this cottage-inspired look by planting lots of wildflowers, placing fairy statues around, and creating a winding, cobbled path through the garden. A tiny fairy door at the bottom of a tree will add mystery and enchantment! 

Sorakuen in Kobe, Hyogo prefecture, JapanImage © 663highland

A fairy garden tends to look a little overgrown with pretty, colorful flowers, so choose ones such as miniature daisies, wood sorrels, and blue delphiniums. You should also try to attract as much wildlife as possible by planting bee-friendly plants and installing a bird feeder. You’ll feel just like Snow White! 


The Vegetable Garden 

The vegetable garden is the most useful of all gardens, as it provides you with food for your plate. To enjoy a self-sustained lifestyle, purchase some planters, fertilize the soil, and start planting some delicious veg. 

Remember to think about the location of the veg, as you’ll want them to get plenty of sunlight and rain. If you’re a beginner, start with simple vegetables such as potatoes, spring onions, and garlic.

Vegetable garden Urban Gardening in raised bed – herbs and salad breeding upbringingImage © Martina Picciau


The Pristine Lawn 

If you want your garden to look clean and perfect, then why not create a pristine lawn? If you’re starting with little to no grass, then you should search for the best soil and plant your grass to get started. Remember not to walk on it in the early days! 

Make sure the lawn gets enough water and sunlight to stay as pristine as possible. You should also consider a pretty border of a path or a row of plants to accentuate the perfection. 

Pristine Lawn garden bridge Image © Markus Spiske


The Play Area

If you want to get your children outside more, then why not make the garden kid-friendly? Install a swing set or a slide to keep them engaged while enjoying the outdoors. 

Get your kids interested in wildlife by placing a bird feeder or a pond into your garden, too. Just remember to take into account safety measures with water and children! 

sewing set garden play area

Image © Matt Hoffman


The Symmetrical Garden 

Symmetrical gardens take a little more maintenance, but the look is more than worth it! Hedges work well for this, as they as more easily maintained – your goal is simply to make both sides look the same. Trees are also a great option, as you could have them lining either side, creating a natural path. 

A grand middle feature can really bring a symmetrical garden together, so install a fabulous fountain or tall statue to sit in the middle of your work of art. 

Pink flowers Chuan Hoe Avenue, Japanese Cemetery Park, Singapore

Image © Michael Lee

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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