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6 Useful Tools To Have At Home For Easy And Quick Fixes

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Allen Brown
Kerut (cover image), Picjumbo

Having your own set of tools at home comes in quite useful when you need to fix things around the house. It saves time and money, and you don't have to wait for a handyman to come over and charge an arm and a leg for simple work. Doing your own repairs can seem difficult at first. However, the six tools on this list will make your life much easier and they will allow you to perform a wide variety of home repairs.

1. Power Nail Gun

The power nailer has so many uses, and no home should be without one of these. They can be used to attach wood together for simple projects, or to build a shed.

If you want to avoid having to hammer in more nails than you need to then this is definitely a tool worth adding to your home tool kit. Depending on the gauge of the nail (aka how small or big the nails are), you might want a certain type of power nailer. For example, 20 gauge is perfect for fixing up smaller projects around the house, such as putting together a bookshelf or making simple repairs to your house.

If you want to build something larger like furniture or a large project that requires attaching thicker pieces of material, then you will need nails and a nailer with a stronger caliber (aka bigger) than 20 gauge. This basically comes down to whether you'll be creating an entirely new piece, or just fixing an existing one.

2. Hammer

As the saying goes, 'If all else fails, hit it.' You can never have too many hammers around your house. It seems to be the number one tool used by everyone for everything.

Even with a nail gun, having a small hammer is still important. Some materials might not be compatible with the gun, like hanging up a small picture frame in your child's room. Similarly, furniture might have some loose nails, so you can get rid of the problem by using a hammer.

Having two hammers would be preferable. A bigger one for heavier duty jobs, and a smaller one for your daily household repairs, or for things that require gentler handling.

3. Screwdrivers

Good-quality screwdrivers are not cheap, but they will last for an extremely long time. You don't need a whole set of screwdrivers, you only really need the most common types.

If you own a car, then an obvious one to have is a flat head and Phillips screwdriver (aka crosshead). These two work well for smaller things, such as fixing a side mirror or swapping out the windshield wipers. Having a basic multi-head is important for household repairs where you need to take apart a piece of furniture.

Buying one with rubber insulation is a good idea because it makes the grip a lot more comfortable and it makes working with electricity a lot safer.

4. Drill

If you plan on doing any kind of carpentry, then having a drill is almost essential. Not only does it help with your projects, but it helps to keep your home organized by allowing you to hang things on the wall.

It can help with safety too, especially if you have a pet or a child. For instance, fixing a tall shelf to the wall can prevent a fall from happening. There are so many reasons to have a drill, and even if you don't think you'll use one, they will come in handy when you least expect them to.

The type of drill you'll need depends on the type of walls you have in your home. A regular drill with a bit will work for most walls, whether they are plaster or brick. You might need to use a bit that is specifically made for wood though.

5. Plastering Trowel

This tool is great for applying plaster onto the wall, among other things. It's not essential by any means but it does help speed up your work.

You can find them in hardware stores and they are not particularly expensive. You could buy one that you like or get a multipurpose one that acts as a putty knife (for smoothing out the plaster), a scraper (to apply it), and even one that helps you cut straight lines. It can be useful with small bumps on the wall, as well as with creating a more decorative pattern on a surface.

6. Measuring Tape

Even if you aren't doing any kind of carpentry, a measuring tape is still an important tool to have in your home because it doesn't take up much space and can be used for many different things. From building things to furniture assembly, to home repairs. It can help you hang up paintings or large shelves in your house, and it is great for checking if something fits in a place before adhering to it. It's an essential tool to have around. They are very affordable and can be found at any hardware store or home improvement center.

home tools on the floor image © Picjumbo

Having your own set of tools means that you never have to rely on anyone else to help you out with small household fixes. It also adds a sense of satisfaction knowing that the tools you use are yours and you know how to properly use them. Not to mention that they are a requirement to develop many useful skills. However, it's important to note that when buying your own tools, it's best to get tools that are made specifically for your needs rather than cheap alternatives. It might cost you more upfront, but they will last longer and ensure the job is done properly.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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