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5 DIY Tools You Don’t Know You Need

Written by:
Liliana Alvarez

Whether you are putting up a new shelf or building your own garage, there are some tools that no household can do without. Think you have all the tools you need? Think again.

Each household is different. You cannot guarantee that there will be an avid DIYer behind each front door. However, you can guarantee that there are enough of them out there to warrant whole sections of the superstore. DIYers are calmly decorating their own homes, building firepits in the yard, and putting up swing sets for the kids. The wise ones are completing these many tasks using a set of tools specially selected for each purpose. The even wiser are using the tools contained in this list.

The 5 DIY Tools to Complement Your Toolbox

Before you attempt to right a squinted shed or build a man cave, there are additional tools that will help you in any task.

1 – The Grease Gun

A pistol type grease gun is the number one tool you need in your life that you never knew you needed. Whether you like to tinker with metal or whether you have an ongoing auto repair project in the garage, this tool gives you the lubrication you need to complete any task. Why is a grease gun the kind of tool you never knew you needed? Have you ever heard the creak of metal on metal as you crunch the gearbox? Have you ever tried to run a car on black oil?

There are review articles online which can help you choose the best grease gun for you.

2 – The Electric Saw

Every homeowner thinks that they can just hire someone to come and trim the trees. When you work out the cost of hiring a tree surgeon to come and prevent your bushes eating into your next-door neighbor’s land twice a year, you soon realize an electric saw is the answer. These motorized choppers can cut back branches, trim bushes, and help with brush clearance.

3 – The Thermal Leak Detector

You will love this gadget. It is part gadget, part essential tool. Everybody should have one. This piece of equipment uses thermal imaging technology to scan your walls and measure temperatures. By doing this, it can detect any air leaks in your system. You can do this with a system flush and reset, of course, but that’s nowhere near as fun as pointing a laser at your walls and taking a reading.

4 – The Nail Gun

Slightly deadly in the wrong hands, keep your nail gun safely unplugged when not in use. This instrument hammers a nail straight into the wall without the need of a conventional hammer. This tool is best used on wood. If you intend to turn your backyard into an outdoor lounge or kitchen, you will absolutely need one of these.

5 – A Planar

Using a wood planar is so satisfying that the Japanese have competitions over who can cut the thinnest slice. A wood planar comes in useful for trimming millimeters off the bottom of doors. Use it to smooth out any wooden project and give it a silky finish. Alternatively, find your nearest competition and join in.

By Liliana Alvarez

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