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3 Ways To Decorate a Living Room With Nature

Written by:
Felicia Priedel
Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

Rooms decorated with natural elements or items inspired by nature can promote calmness and well-being. Create an inspired space for your client with these three ways to decorate a living room with nature.

1. Use Natural Materials

Natural materials improve the visual and tactile experiences of a room. Materials such as jute, wicker, wood, stone, and bamboo provide various ways to infuse the living room with organic colors, lines, and textures. And if you or your client are interested in sustainable design, you can often sustainably source these materials.

Reclaimed wood is a versatile eco-chic material and one of the top living room design trends of 2023. Reclaimed wood shines when transformed into bookcases, coffee tables, TV consoles, and sideboards. Large accessories like wooden doors are unique showpieces rich with history.

2. Feature a Natural Color Palette

Color is one of the fundamental aspects of interior design, and a natural color palette will harmonize the room with the great outdoors. Nature is multicolored, so you have a lot of creative freedom in choosing your palette. The specific tones you choose depend on your client’s interests and tastes.

Many people love the calming, neutral look of earth tones that emphasize brown hues. Coastal palettes boast blues and tans. Sage green creates a soft and dreamy effect, whereas jewel-toned greens can help you pull off a more lush look.

Wall art can upgrade your living room design by accenting your color palette and adding visual interest. If you use the art as inspiration for some of your color choices, the piece will bolster the final look.

3. Incorporate Real and Artificial Plants 

Another way to decorate a living room with nature is to use real plants, artificial plants, or both. Fill vertical space with a tall, planted tree or decorate a tabletop with a small, potted succulent arrangement.

Clients often appreciate easy-care plants that also improve air quality, such as peace lilies and snake plants. And consider how much sunlight the plant needs before deciding where to place it.

Artificial plants add dynamic energy to a room just as real plants do, but they require far less care. Place high-quality artificial greenery and flowers where they would naturally seem to go, such as by windows. Clients should dust their artificial plants regularly to make them look as realistic as possible.

By Liliana Alvarez

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