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Wood Ribbon in Paris apartment by Toledano + architects

The french architect Gabrielle Toledano from Toledano + architects has recently completed renoavation of an apartment in Paris, France

Project description by the architects:

This apartment is a typical Haussmanian Parisian one with its mouldings, fish bone parquet and a linear long balcony. The whole concept was to create some contemporary architecture, a light element that would allow to preserve all the existing historical elements that confer a strong character to the place while unveiling new uses and a new appreciation of space, suited to its 21st century inhabitants.

Wood Ribbon in Paris apartment by Toledano + architectsimage © Salem Mostefaoui        

Preserving the layers of history while giving a strong contemporary identity. That was the challenge. The answer to that is a wood ribbon that circulates through the bearing molded walls. All along its curves, the wood is an inhabitable wall /sculpture, like an installation, that dissimulates the entrance to the rooms and bathrooms, creates niches for storage or for the kitchen and so on. The ribbon is lower than the ceilings in order to keep the signs of the former historical layout plan.

a woman in the kitchen washing dishes image © Salem Mostefaoui      

Along with the carpenter, we created walls entirely made of wood, from the rails inside, cut with a lasercut to the curved surfaces manufactured with moulds. All the walls were pre- fabricated and assembled at the carpenter’s workshop and then reassembled onsite within a day. It was a real challenge. Also because the budget was tight.

Existing plan existing plan

architectural layout plan layout plan

The clients are a young family of three with a baby.The layout plan became quite obvious once I released myself from the constraints imposed by the original partition walls that we decided to demolish entirely and mouldings on the ceilings that would be preserved no matter the shape of the new partition wooden walls. On one side, the master suite, with the bedroom, open bathroom and dressing room and on the other side the children area, with a bedroom and a bathroom.

a round glass table in front of grey sofa image © Salem Mostefaoui  

The two parts of the ribbon define these two areas of the apartment. In between, the void creates tensions but also openings. A narrow corridor separates the entrance from the wide and spacious common spaces : the living room and the kitchen and dining room..

the curvy wall made of wood ribbon image © Salem Mostefaoui  

The materials along the wood ribbon are bendable wood, left very natural and in the niches, brass and travertin. In the master bathroom, the luxurious grey onyx mixes up with the young and relaxed feeling given by the plywood, whereas in the children area, the materials are bright and playful with white and orange resin. The ceiling is made of alveolar polycarbonate to provide some natural light and impart a fun twist to all the areas behind the wooden walls except for the bedrooms.

a big mirror inside the bathroom image © Salem Mostefaoui  

the floor of corridor finished with parquet image © Salem Mostefaoui  

small dressing room Made of wood material image © Salem Mostefaoui  

library located at the end of an orange wall corridor image © Salem Mostefaoui  

grey wardrobe inside master bedroom image © Salem Mostefaoui  

wooden wall ins shape of curve inside this apartment in Paris image © Salem Mostefaoui  

modern kitchen with two bar stools image © Salem Mostefaoui  

image © Salem Mostefaoui  

a huge mirror above chimney image © Salem Mostefaoui  

wooden wall installed in this tiny apartment in France image © Salem Mostefaoui  

wood and stucco used as material inside this flat image © Salem Mostefaoui  

books inside the shelf image © Salem Mostefaoui  

an ears shaped wooden chair image © Salem Mostefaoui  

curvy sofa made of gray fabric image © Salem Mostefaoui  

Wooden curvy wall installed inside apartment image © Salem Mostefaoui  

architectural section

section drawing made with CAD

architectural drawing

Project name: Wood Ribbon in Paris apartment

Architecture firm: Toledano + architects

Location: Paris, France
Lead architects: Gabrielle Toledano
Gross built Area: 130 m²
Comletion year: 2019
Budget: 200 000 euros

Photographer: Salem Mostefaoui        

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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