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Bright apartment for rent in Moscow, Russia by Vladimir Afanasev

Project name:
Bright apartment for rent in Moscow
Architecture firm:
Privat architecture
Moscow, Russia
Sergey Ananiev
Principal architect:
Vladimir Afanasev
Design team:
Built area:
45 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Vladimir Afanasev
Environmental & MEP engineering:
MR Group
Civil engineer:
Maxim Ghafurov
Structural engineer:
Maxim Ghafurov
MR Group
Tools used:
Natalya Soldatova
60 000 $
Residential › Apartment

Vladimir Afanasev created the interior of a small Moscow apartment for rent. Forty-five square meters managed to accommodate a bedroom, a kitchen-living room, a bathroom and a dressing room-laundry room. This is not the first project developed for customers, and this time they asked to make an apartment for rent, fully relying on the taste of the designer. The clients agreed on an approximate budget, handed over the keys and next time came to the facility only six months later.

The original layout of the apartment did not involve binding to load-bearing partitions. The wet area, in agreement with the developer, was slightly moved, so a separate dressing room-laundry room appeared in the project, which made it possible to hide the household functions. Thanks to the trust shown by the customers, it was possible to get away from the traditional neutral palette for apartments for rent. It was decided to focus on bright colors, unexpected patterns and ornaments. The visual solution is based on turquoise, white, gray, red and terracotta. All of them were used in large equivalent volumes. A rather dark hallway, painted with a deep terracotta ceiling, smoothly turns into a well-lit living room.

The same shade is used as the main background for the bathroom, the functional area in which is outlined by rhythmically laid out rectangular tiles. On the contrary, it was decided to make the bedroom dark, and it was possible to combine it with the rest of the rooms by partially quoting colors and a bright red door leading into it. Vintage Italian sconces and a chair from the 70s added comfort and completeness to its design. All metal products — the console and bedside tables in the bedroom, accessories in the bathroom — are completely custom and were made according to the author's drawings in a single copy.

Art deserves special attention. It took quite a lot of time and fittings to find the perfect hit. But in the end, everything fell into place and gave this small apartment a special charm.

By Liliana Alvarez

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