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RMJM Milano have won a competition to design the new Sanko Headquarters, one of Turkey’s oldest group of companies. Their landmark design was selected among other prestigious firms for its sustainable and innovative features. The studio uses creative and innovative ways to implement sustainability in every design and project they create.
Written by
RMJM Milano
Eugene Malyi
The project was designed as a futuristic HQ for LYX arkitekter. The building is a bold statement in the middle of nature. Its organic seamless shape has been sculptured and tuned carefully with the parametric pattern which in his turn is filling the gaps between the vanishing ornaments and form the building identity.
Project name
Architecture firm
LYX arkitekter
Imaginary Island
30 stories
Amazon unveils a proposed design for the second phase of its Arlington, Virginia headquarters, designed by NBBJ. It seems to be inspired by Samarra Malwiya tower in Iraq or the Tower of Babel. 
Project name
The Helix
Architecture firm
Arlington, Virginia, United States