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When it comes to office furniture, there are two prominent styles that often come to mind: modern and traditional. Each type has its unique characteristics, aesthetics, and functionality. Choosing the right office furniture style is essential as it sets the tone for your workspace and influences employee productivity, comfort, and overall atmospher...
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David Wicks
dit26978 on freepik
Inspired by the body temperature of thermostatic animals, 36.5°C brings you into their embrace. It awaits to bring warmth into your life. Like the soft ground of morning spring or a puppy cuddle through the deepest winter nights. 36.5°C is here with you to rediscover the joy of being with friends and family.
Product name
The 36.5°C SERIES
Product type
London-based designer Sabi has unveiled a furniture duo comprising a bookshelf and a chair, named Il Pontaio. The designs were launched at Salone Satellite during this year's Milan Design Week, which took place from the 18th to the 23rd of April 2023.
Project name
Il Pontaio Collection
Francesco Carullo
Product type
Bookshelf, Chair
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