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Our culture has been moving towards modernism for a few years. People are transforming not only their clothing but also their living standards. You can see families with head-to-toe contemporary adaptations, and their houses look stylish with modern walls, structures, and furniture.
Written by
Samantha Peters
Hiba Q. Omar
New furniture is indeed an investment requiring homeowners to research before making any purchases. Spontaneous buying of household furnishings can lead to regret and financial loss. However, by planning ahead what look you're going for, quality expectations, and room layout, your furniture-hunting experience can be enjoyable and produce a style yo...
Written by
Milo Forester
Sebastián Ángeles, designer at the Mexican furniture company, refines the ergonomics and robustness of one of his most well-known pieces, thanks to technological innovations that emphasize its evocative sensorial aesthetic.
Product name
Boreal Chair
Product type
The BNVO dining chair is about a timeless grace, classical elegance and was designed to be realised in richly textured boucle or supple leather, allowing the saddle stitch detail to form part of the chairs tailored aesthetic.
Product name
The BNVO Dining Chair
Product type
Dining Chair
Casa Quatro is an outstanding 580 square meter contemporary house located in Tungurahua, Ecuador. With a plot that drops 4 meters from the main level of the street, and different arrangements that established the conceptual design, the house is established with a "C" structure that embraces the exterior, generating a central courtyard as the core o...
Project name
Casa Quatro
Architecture firm
ORCA Design
Tungurahua, Ecuador
Tools used
Autodesk Revit, Unreal Engine, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop