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With the completion of Hanover Square 25 and Berkeley Square, 36-38 Dekovent’s contribution to the skyline of London begins to emerge. The windows, made from a mix of tradition and modernity, become symbolic to the company’s commitment towards setting new standards in mega-luxury metal carpentry.
Written by
Liliana Alvarez
House in La Gomera - Ángel Fito Estudio
Set in a forbidding and spectacular landscape in central Victoria, this house is built from Core Ten Steel, ICF blocks and SIPS panels to provide a high level of thermal insulation. The owner/builder approached Robert Harwood Architects in 2013.
Project name
Euroa House
Architecture firm
Robert Harwood Architects
Euroa, Victoria, Australia
Armelle Habib, Robert Harwood
Using Midjourney I wanted to explore areas that verge on the impossible but are still grounded to reality allowing the viewer to get a glimpse of “what could’ve been.” My interests in the Renaissance are derived from my love for Palladio’s work, it amazes me how simple concepts are manipulated and controlled to form beautiful, balanced Architecture...
Mohammad Qasim Iqbal
Nottingham Trent University
Tools used