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Global Mastery: Dekovent's Corten & Brass Metal Carpentry

Written by:
Liliana Alvarez
House in La Gomera - Ángel Fito Estudio

In the world of luxury building where art meets innovation, Dekovent is at the forefront of high capacity metal carpentry. Focusing on customized projects around the world, they have found their niche in the mega-luxury segment where they produce exclusive Corten Steel and Brass windows and doors with the Secco Sistemi brand. In our exploration of two ongoing projects, Hanover Square 25 and Berkeley Square 36-38, both covered with Dekovent’s trademark metalwork, the balance between elegant architecture and craftsmanship comes into full view.

Dekovent's Artistry in Mega-Luxury Metal Carpentry:

The expertise of Dekovent is in the skilful production of Corten Steel and Brass metal carpentry, materials considered to be exclusive and artisanal procedures. Most of the projects are done outside Spain, transcending borders, and committing to unmatched craftsmanship in the world’s most renowned locations. The main pillars of Dekovent’s luxury metal carpentry are Corten steel that has a unique weathered look and Brass which is timelessly elegant.

Project 1: Hanover Square 25 – A Peek Into the Futuristic Workplace Elegance

Located in Central London, 25 Hanover Square is embarking on a transformative journey led by the architectural genius of Basha-Franklin. Built on a seven-storey office that will be the future workplace, this establishment represents everything about mega-luxury. This project is special not only because of its architectural grandeur but the perfect mixing and matching of Dekovent’s Corten Steel windows from Secco Sistemi brand.

Basha-Franklin’s inside-out innovative approach is in perfect harmony with the Dekovent policy of making unique metal carpentry. The repositioned facades, realigned terrace, and sustainable materials used in this project highlight the common vision for sophistication and practicality. The moment the windows become the essence of the building’s appearance, Dekovent’s contribution makes this project its own world.

Project 2: Berkeley Square 36-38 – Astrea’s Vision and Dekovent’s Expertise Bring Together

Astrea collaborates with Mace, a global consultancy and construction company responsible for the transformation of 38 Berkeley Square into a high-end office development. This nine-storey building which is set to be the new Chanel headquarters will be a game changer by providing 85,000 sq ft of prime office space. Corten Steel windows from Dekovent add a touch of class to the design, making these plans stand out as an innovative development.

Sustainable development is perfectly in line with Dekovent’s artisanal practice. The combination of precast facades and Portland stone proposed by architects Piercy & Company represent the historic essence of Berkeley Square. With the Corten Steel Windows from Dekovent being an important part of the project, they represent not only a beautiful look but also a dedication to exceptional craftsmanship.

Dekovent's Narrative: Crafting Exclusivity in Every Detail

This narrative takes place in the details of each Corten Steel and Brass window manufactured under the Secco Sistemi brand by Dekovent. The artistry does not only lie in the selection of materials that are used but also the bespoke process by which the raw elements are converted into architectural masterpieces. The exclusivity of working with materials that are four times the price of aluminium shows Dekovent’s commitment towards luxury, precision and a promise to create products for life which would be a testimony between art and functionality.


With the completion of Hanover Square 25 and Berkeley Square, 36-38 Dekovent’s contribution to the skyline of London begins to emerge. The windows, made from a mix of tradition and modernity, become symbolic to the company’s commitment towards setting new standards in mega-luxury metal carpentry. With Dekovent's, the journey through these architectural marvels becomes an invitation to explore the craftsmanship that defines a new era in architectural opulence. Dekovent with Corten Steel and Brass excellence stands poised to leave an indelible mark on the global stage of luxury metal carpentry.

By Liliana Alvarez

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