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In the presence of His Highness Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud, Minister of Culture, Governor of the Royal Commission for AlUla and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AlUla Development Company, KUN Investment Holding – Saudi investment management company.
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APCO Media
A Fusion of Nature and Modernity by Kuoo Tamizo Architects.Where the desert meets modernity, our Dune Hotel in AlUla stands tall. The distinctive red color scheme of the property harmoniously blends with the iconic red rocks of the surrounding desert.Inspired by the breathtaking landscape, the building comprises a series of interlocking shapes that...
Project name
AlUla Dune Hotel, AlUla, Saudi Arabia
Architecture firm
Kuoo Tamizo Architects
AlUla, Saudi Arabia
French architect Jean Nouvel has unveiled his design for Sharaan, a resort hidden within the rock dwellings of AlUla, a cultural oasis in north-west Arabia. Showcasing a modern take on millennia-old ways of living, the project puts in place monumental designs carved into the rocks, respecting and preserving the landscape. Inspired by the nearby Heg...
Project name
Sharaan by Jean Nouvel
Architecture firm
Ateliers Jean Nouvel
AlUla, Medina Region, Saudi Arabia