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Dancing Towers in Dubai, UAE by DNA Barcelona Architects

DNA Barcelona Architects unveils a new Proposal- “THE DANCING TOWERS”, an Iconic project for the skyline of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

These two well-engineered, safe, efficient, and smart-tall towers represent mixed-use & high-rise buildings offering an exclusive living/working conditions with amazing unrestricted views on the city.

Dancing Towers in Dubai, UAE by DNA Barcelona Architectsimage © DNA Barcelona Architects

THE DANCING TOWERS become an outstanding landmark due to the unique design of geometrical transformation, which creates a distinguished and dynamic shape. The twisted facade contributes to create a variety of interior spaces depending on the orientation of each floor.

the twits tiers architectural model image © DNA Barcelona Architects

The tower will be in conjunction with already existing buildings and is capable to correspond to all the modern user´s needs offering a unique space to live and to work.

Dubai skyline with skyscrapers image © DNA Barcelona Architects

Burj al khalifa at night with illumination image © DNA Barcelona Architects

architectural drawing for twisted skyscraper image © DNA Barcelona Architects

rendering image for twisted tower image © DNA Barcelona Architects

the river side skyscraper surrounded by trees image © DNA Barcelona Architects

skyscrapers ta night in Dubai image © DNA Barcelona Architects


Project name: The Dancing Towers

Architecture firm: DNA Barcelona Architects

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Lead architect: Aryanour Djalali

Design Year: 2020

Project Status: Design 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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