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Amazing Parametric Skyscraper by Amr Eldreny

The Tower Project is an amazing parametric skyscraper school project by Amr Eldreny from department of architecture at Mansoura University, Egypt.

Project description by the architect:

The idea is to make a landmark so i used light to provide me that, I want to make the tower visually attractive and the form designed to insure the usage of light.

Amazing Parametric Skyscraper by Amr Eldreny rendered by Autodesk 3ds maximage © Amr Eldreny

The double-skin facade permits to exhaust hot air from the interior in summer, while in winter it decreases the heat loose of the building, so it keeps it warm.

a parametric tower rendering image image © Amr Eldreny

The facade limits solar radiation and heat gain while still providing daylight and view.

tall skyscraper with red lightings image © Amr Eldreny

aerial view of the skyscraper from above image © Amr Eldreny

night view of the skyscraper with great illumination image © Amr Eldreny

architectural details including plans and sections image © Amr Eldreny

sections and plans drew with Autodesk AutoCAD image © Amr Eldreny

Architect: Amr Eldreny

Univeristy: Mansoura University, Egypt

Tools uded: Autodesk 3ds MaxVray, Autodesk AutoCADAdobe Photoshop

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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