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A waterfront house opens to big mountain views and creates seamless indoor-outdoor connections on multiple levels. This new house is located in Western Washington on the Key Peninsula in a small township named Home. The waterfront site is located on the south end of Puget Sound and angles towards an incredible view of Mount Rainier beyond.

Believe it or not, drapes and curtains are different, despite the fact that people use the terms interchangeably. Here’s the difference between them.

The Park Reception Hall was jointly designed by the design team jointly led by Feng Weimo, the MOD Architecture founder and Song Zhen, Vice General Manager of Wanhua Decoration Center. The tough, restrained, and open temperament of Chongqing was showed from the three lines, namely, time, space, and people, which form a spatial logic. The ups and downs bring out the extending and layering trend of Chongqing, which is also the most typical feature of the mountain city.

Located on Boulevard Voltaire, this apartment consists of a waiting area, two living rooms, a dining room, a bibliotech, and four bedrooms. The apartment creates a functional and stylish space located against the magnificent view of Paris. In the living room, which opens to the dining room, the modern fireplace, furnished with ceramics in pale pastel pink tones, creates a unique ambiance with baseboards in brass details. Velvet and leather fabrics were used together with brass and root wood details in the seating elements.

Located in Huadu District of Guangzhou, the project encompasses an 11-storey retail podium and a 100m tower. With an irregular architectural volume, the retail podium has a large massing placed on the plot that could cause a huge impact on the city. Therefore, reducing the sense of oppression brought by its mega- structure to the city is one of the biggest challenges in this project. At the same time, how to deal with the split narrow plots to design them into a unified project is another tough difficulty.

When buying furniture, you have to explore all options to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Here are two options to consider when searching.

That special day has come! You've finally decided that you want to buy a house. And that's a great thing, however, since it is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, you shouldn't act hastily.

Forming a concept in your head is a great start. But in order for it to turn into something tangible, something that can be demonstrated to the customer, it is necessary to materialize this idea. A mood board is the grain of the concept, the basic puzzle from which the project will be assembled later.