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Sisan Hupao 1934 in Hangzhou, China an Ethereal Haven with a Restful Atmosphere for Guests to Bask in the Natural Environment. Designed by SYY Decoration Design.

The Russian architecture firm Kerimov Architects led by Shamsudin Kerimov has designed House Okolitsa, a countryside home to be built on outskirts of Moscow, Russia.

Sterling Presser Architects + Engineers has designed The Iconic Mosque in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Russian architect and designer Eduard Galkin has envisioned a series of conceptual houses with organic shapes that is inspired by surrounding nature.

Square house in Nova Lima, Brazil designed by Belo Horizonte-based architecture firm Tetro Arquitetura

The Argentinian architecture studio EstudioLZ Pablo Lorenzo Arquitectos has recently completed Azaleas, e housing complex located in Ciudad de Villa Allende, Córdoba, Argentina.

Iranian architecture practice Studio Eiraji, with its young architects, have revealed its competition proposal for Shiraz Life Bridge architectural competition in Shiraz, Iran.

The Iranian architecture studio Rvad Studio designed the Tagh Behesht a mixed use building in Mashhad, Iran.