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The Japanese architecture firm ALTS Design Office has designed ''Kounan House'' a house under the eaves that is located in Konanchoshinji, Kōka, southern Shiga Prefecture, Japan. This residence was built next to the main building in the area, where many old houses stand side by side. The client's request was "I would like to have a space like the o...
Project name
Kounan House
Architecture firm
ALTS Design Office (https://alts-design.com)
Konanchoshinji, Kōka, southern Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Masahiko Nishida
A small house with just 2.5 meters wide that has been transformed into a small oasis, Beira Mar House designed by Portugal-based architectural and design studio Paulo Martins Arquitectura & design, located in Aveiro, Portugal. Project description by the architect: Located in one of the most ty...
Planned by the exceptional architect Zaha Hadid, and realised by the project developer WEGRAZ, ARGOS is a vision, concept, backdrop and home. Photographed by architectural photographer György Palkó, ARGOS modern apartments situaded in the heart of Graz, Austria.  For everyone seeking something...
Designed by Cuenca-based architecture studio INAI Arquitectura, Casa LM is a single-family home that is located in San Joaquín, Cuenca, Ecuador. Project description by architect: The LM house is a set of straight volumes that try to accentuate the horizontality of the construction, all the arc...