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London International Creative Competition (LICC) Announces Winners of 2022

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London International Creative Competition (LICC)
Right: Nude With Octopus by Michael Pantuso. Left: Chalet Jelovac by Phd. Sonja Radovic Jelovac

London, United Kingdom: The London International Creative Competition (LICC) is proud to announce the winners of its 2022 competition, showcasing exceptional creative talent from all around the world. Each year, LICC recognises and celebrates the most innovative and groundbreaking works in various creative elds, including visual arts, interior design, photography, architecture, and more.

This year's competition received over 4,000 entries from more than 90 countries. The judging panel, consisting of renowned experts and professionals in the creative industry, had the herculean task of selecting the best among the best. After careful consideration and review, the winners for the 2022 competition have been chosen.

Aline Martins, Program Director of the competition, shared her thoughts about the winners, "At the London International Creative Competition, we strive to recognize and reward the world’s most fresh and progressive creative talents, connected by their originality and brightest works. With nalists hailing from Iran to India, from Ecuador to Ireland, and from Italy to the U.S, we are proud to have such outstanding submissions for the 2022 LICC edition."

Winning artists such as Michael Pantuso, Professional Winner in Create (art), surprised the jury with their endless creativity and juxtaposition of interesting elements. Chalet Jelovac by Sonja Radovic Jelovac was named Professional Winner in Build (architecture) for its masterful implementation of functionality and nature. Professional Winner in Decorate (interior) Yota Hokibara invented a fresh concept on how interiors can serve all of the individual's needs: a residence, a studio, a workspace and showroom have all been added to increase multi-faceted functionality.

Photo Credit: Ring on the Green by Yota Hokibara

An homage to the traditional crafts spoke to the jury members through the work of Jesvin Yeo, Professional Winner in Illustrate (graphic). The breathtaking artwork is a record of 28 traditional crafts that have disappeared or will disappear in the next 20 years. Winner in Shoot (photo/video) was Ursula Ferrara with her striking photograph Unbroken, a work made by wet plate technique, breaking the glasses, then xing them with Tiffany technique inspired by kintsugi. To put an innovative spin on ofce furniture, Winner in Use (product) Troels Grum-Schwensen created PONTO Table-system where gravity locks the wooden legs to the strong aluminium-beam, allowing free leg-positioning, tool- free leg-mounting, and so much more.

Photo Credit: PONTO Table-system (meeting-tables) by Troels Grum-Schwensen

Christian Baun, LICC jury member with more than 30 years in the design industry, said the following about the competition, "I am a jury in many different awards - but I value LICC very highly. Quite simply because the level is high - and because LICC has not exaggerated many categories (very appropriate). I am always very inspired and much wiser when I have been a jury for LICC, so thank you for inviting me to this honorable post."

All winners of 2022 can be viewed in the Winner's Gallery.

Best in Professional

- Chalet Jelovac by Phd. Sonja Radovic Jelovac | Winner in Build (architecture)

- Nude With Octopus by Michael Pantuso | Winner in Create (art) - Unbroken by Ursula Ferrara | Winner in Shoot (photo/video)

- Ring on the Green by Yota Hokibara | Winner in Decorate (interior)

- A collection of Singapore's Fading Traditional Trades and Crafts by Jesvin Yeo | Winner in Illustrate (graphic)

- PONTO Table-system (meeting-tables) by Troels Grum-Schwensen| Winner in Use (product)

Best in Non-Professional

- Vertical City by Xinyu Li | Winner in Build (Architecture) winner

- Anna Sophia in a chair by Satoko Okuno | Winner in Create (art)

- Dreamtime by Michael Potts | Winner in Shoot (photo/video)

- Xi Ya by Wu Chun-Chiao | Winner in Decorate (interior)

- Utopian City Ver2 by QiuYu Li | Winner in Illustrate (graphic)

- Latis by Emin Music | Winner in Use (product)


The "Best in Category" Professional and Non-Professional winners are awarded a cash prize of $1,000 and $500, respectively, along with the LICC trophy.


The London International Creative Competition (LICC) is an annual contest established in 2006, created to recognize and support creative talents who are not afraid to push boundaries and have dedicated themselves to visionary project all over the world. LICC's mission is to uncover concepts across a wide range of industries and help them gain exposure in all corners of the globe. 

Farmani Group is a leading organization curating and promoting photography, design and architecture across the globe since 1985. The company’s key mission is to discover and promote talent in these areas through competitions, awards, exhibitions, developing artist communities, providing networking opportunities and education.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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