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TinyHouse.com Announces Winners of the 2023 Tiny Home Awards

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Tiny Home Awards
Tiny Home Awards

TinyHouse.com is thrilled to announce the recipients of the inaugural 2023 Tiny Home Awards, celebrating excellence in tiny home craftsmanship and innovation. Recognizing outstanding achievements across 13 distinctive categories, these awards honor the industry's premier builders and their remarkable contributions to the tiny home movement.

Key highlights of the awards include:

Tiny House of the Year: Halcyon 02 by Fritz Tiny Homes

Builder of the Year: Tru Form Tiny

People's Choice Award: Losino by EcoVillages.Life

Additional category winners include:

Best Interiors: Designer Kootenay by Tru Form Tiny

Best Eco-Friendly: Azure D-120 by Azure Printed Homes

Most Innovative Design: Seymour Duncan by Tru Form Tiny

Best Budget-Friendly: Studio 20 "Blueberry" by California Tiny House

Best Modern Design: Delfin (The Reef) by EcoVillages.Life

Most Out of the Ordinary: Purple Heart Manor by Acorn Tiny Homes

Creative Use of Space: Sakura by Acorn Tiny Homes

Most Traditional Design: Farina by Movable Roots

Most Family-Friendly: The Family Style by Tiny Topanga

Most Compact: Helikon by Summit Tiny Homes

The Tiny Home Awards aim to establish a new standard for excellence within the tiny home industry, celebrating innovation, sustainability, and creative design. TinyHouse.com commends the talent and dedication of builders who continue to push the boundaries of architectural norms, redefining the concept of tiny home living.

"We're excited for more nominations this year and can't wait to see even more amazing creations from different builders," says Zach & Jason Francis, Co-Founders at TinyHouse.com.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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