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AlgoLaser's Global Trip in APA 2024 Expo in Las Vegas - Epilog, Trotec, Xtool Head Laser Engraver Brands Gather at The Exhibition

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In the bustling heart of Las Vegas, the 2024 International Personalization Expo unfolded, heralding a new era of innovation and possibilities in the realm of laser engraving. Among the myriad booths and displays, one company stood out—AlgoLaser. We will take you on an immersive journey through the expo, highlighting the grandeur of the event, AlgoLaser's impactful participation, and the vibrant tapestry of companies that shared the space.

1. The Grand Stage: 2024 International Personalization Expo Unveiled

The air buzzed with excitement as the doors swung open to the 2024 International Personalization Expo, a spectacle of creativity, technology, and personalized craftsmanship. Held grandly in Los Angeles, this expo brought together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts under one colossal roof. The expo sprawled across multiple rooms, each housing a distinct facet of the personalization industry.

2. AlgoLaser Takes the Stage: A Glimpse into Participation

Amidst the sea of booths and tables, AlgoLaser made its mark. The meticulous planning of the fair organization ensured that upon arrival, AlgoLaser's boxes were ready for setup at the crack of dawn on the 6th. This punctuality underscored the professionalism and commitment of the organizers, setting the stage for an expo that would leave a lasting impact.

Robust Organization:

The meticulousness of the fair organization was evident from the get-go. AlgoLaser's booth was not just a space; it was an immersive experience waiting to unfold. The organizers ensured that the setup was swift, efficient, and ready to welcome visitors at 8 am on the first day. This seamless organization allowed exhibitors like AlgoLaser to focus on what truly mattered—connecting with the audience.

A Resounding Reception

As the doors opened and visitors streamed in, it became apparent that AlgoLaser had captured the curiosity of the crowd. The interest exhibited by the attendees was nothing short of surprising, with people flocking to the AlgoLaser booth to explore the world of laser engraving machine. Over the course of the three days, an estimated 4000-5000 visitors engaged with AlgoLaser's offerings, making it one of the most frequented booths at the expo.

Empowering the Entrepreneurial Spirit

AlgoLaser came to the expo with a clear message—to dispel the notion that starting a business in laser engraving machine requires a hefty investment. The team passionately conveyed that, contrary to popular belief, one could kickstart their entrepreneurial journey with as little as $500. This message resonated profoundly with the diverse audience, emphasizing that providing value and quality machines trumps the race to the bottom in pricing.

A Beacon of Innovation: AlgoLaser Delta 40W

A defining moment for AlgoLaser at the expo was the announcement of their latest innovation – the AlgoLaser Delta 40W. This new 40W laser engraving machine promises to revolutionize wood cutting with the capability to cut pine wood up to 50mm. The excitement surrounding the new product reached new heights as it was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter, exceeding its goal and garnering immense support from backers around the world.

The AlgoLaser Difference

Amidst the vastness of the expo, AlgoLaser distinguished itself by showcasing not just machines, but a vision. The company's ethos centered around making laser engraving accessible and empowering individuals to embark on their creative ventures. The expo served as a platform for AlgoLaser to emphasize that innovation need not come with an exorbitant price tag.

3. Exploring the Expo Landscape: Main Events, Education, and Booths of Interest

The Expo Beyond AlgoLaser:

While AlgoLaser shone brightly, the expo was a mosaic of experiences. Multiple rooms hosted educational programs, with topics ranging from business fundamentals to accounting and marketing seminars. Despite the bustling atmosphere, each session drew in 200-300 eager participants on average, attesting to the thirst for knowledge within the personalization community.

Noteworthy Booths:

Beyond the AlgoLaser booth, several others left an indelible mark on the expo landscape:


Occupying a row of booths across from AlgoLaser, MakerFlo showcased a diverse array of craft materials, including sublimation, laser engraving, UV printing, and more. A noteworthy highlight was their representation as XTool sellers, adding a layer of versatility to their offerings.


A behemoth in the industry, Epilog stood as the largest seller of machines in both the USA and Europe. Their crew of 5-10 people occupied the central space, making a commanding presence with their impressive display.


As the second-largest laser company present, Trotec secured an enviable location with 10 staff conducting engaging demonstrations. Their commitment to showcasing the capabilities of laser technology was evident in the crowds that gathered around their booth.


A massive USA-based craft and laser engraving wholesale supplier, JDS left an indelible mark on the expo. Their comprehensive offerings catered to a wide range of engraving needs, capturing the attention of many attendees.

Mark & Associates Inc

This company took center stage as the producer of engravable cups and mugs. With a substantial presence, their products garnered significant traction, especially for their user-friendly receptacles ideal for engraving machines, especially Co2.

Conclusion: A Stellar Launch for AlgoLaser's Global Trip

The 2024 International Personalization Expo in Los Angeles not only marked a grand start for the year but also set the stage for AlgoLaser's global journey. As the expo curtains drew close, AlgoLaser emerged not just as an exhibitor but as a catalyst for change in the laser engraving landscape. The resounding interest, the meticulous organization, and the collaborative spirit showcased the immense potential within the personalization industry.

By Liliana Alvarez

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