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The Vinh Yen-based architectural firm Nguyễn Hiếu Arc has designed Sunny flowers house a single family house that located in Vĩnh Yên, Vĩnh Phúc, Vietnam.  Project description by the architect: With rustic materials and pure architectural style, Sunflowers like to bring us back to childhood. T...
The young filmmaker Zach Both and his girlfriend have recently built a modern yurt just outside of Portland, Oregon, United States. Last fall, after traveling North America in a self-built campervan for almost four years, my girlfriend and I retired this nomadic lifestyle for life in a yurt on an island just outside of Portland, OR.
Project name
Brilliant modern yurt
Architecture firm
Zach Both
Portland, Oregon, United States
Bryan Aulick
The Toronto-based architecture and design practice Great Lake Studio has designed "Bellwoods Lodge" a three storey residence that located on a small lot in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Project description by the architects: Located on a small lot in Downtown Toronto, the owners of this...
The London-based architectural studio DROO has designed "Ellesmere Road " a contemporary townhouse that located in London, United Kingdom.  Project description by the architects: Taking its cues from the roofscapes of the east London Victorian Row houses, the structural glass prisim which form...