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Reflections: A Serene Sanctuary by Okno Modhomes

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Okno Modhomes
Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India
Inclined Studio
Principal architect:
Harshit Puram, Parikshit Linga
Design team:
Interior design:
Okno Modhomes
Built area:
300 ft²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Okno Modhomes
Environmental & MEP:
Okno Modhomes
Okno Modhomes
Tools used:
Residential › House

A Serene Sanctuary by Okno Modhomes

In the heart of nature, where the murmurs of the forest blend with the songs of birds, stands "Reflections" by Okno Modhomes. This modern retreat is designed as an abode where humans and nature coexist in perfect harmony. Nestled within a lush canopy of existing and newly planted trees, Reflections epitomizes sustainable and thoughtful design.

A Design Inspired by Nature

Facing the tranquil east, Reflections greets the morning sun like a delicate bloom. The design intention is to minimize its footprint, ensuring that the natural landscape remains pristine. The structure is a symphony of mirrored glass facades that blend seamlessly with their surroundings, supported by sleek metal and natural wood elements that emphasize a modern, earthy aesthetic.

Entering a Floating Oasis

Visitors are welcomed by a discreet entrance that opens into a world of tranquility. The living space is elevated, creating the sensation of floating amidst the trees. The deck, with its expansive views and the gentle sound of rustling leaves, becomes an intimate connection point between the inhabitants and the forest.

Seamless Integration with Nature

The heart of Reflections is an open-plan living area that blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls invite the lush greenery into the home, creating an immersive experience. The living space flows effortlessly into an outdoor deck, complete with a cozy lounge area and an inviting hot tub, perfect for stargazing on clear nights.

Private Sanctuary

The bedroom in Reflections is a private sanctuary, designed to offer serene views of the surrounding forest. The interiors are adorned with natural materials, including warm wood finishes and soft textiles, creating a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance. It features a unique motorized sliding bed that allows for an unparalleled stargazing experience, embodying the essence of modern luxury intertwined with nature.

Thoughtful and Sustainable Design

The mirrored exterior of Reflections not only creates a striking visual effect but also serves a functional purpose. It reflects the natural surroundings, reducing the visual impact of the structure and helping it blend into the landscape. The use of sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems ensures that Reflections is as gentle on the environment as it is on the eyes.

A True Retreat

Reflections by Okno Modhomes is more than just a house; it is a sanctuary where the beauty of modern design meets the tranquility of nature. It offers a luxurious yet serene lifestyle, respecting and enhancing its natural surroundings, making it the perfect retreat for those seeking peace and connection with the environment.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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