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LVF House in Córdoba, Argentina designed by PSV Arquitectura

The Argentinian architecture firm PSV Arquitectura has recently completed ''Casa LVF'' a single-family home that is located in La Morada Villa urbana, Villa Allende, Córdoba, Argentina

Project description by the architects:

The house starts from the volumetric structure that forms a horseshoe on the ground floor with a juxtaposed prism that configures the upper floor. This arrangement of volumes allows the generation of an internal courtyard that organizes and illuminates the home and in turn allows the correct cohesion of the spaces.

LVF House in Córdoba, Argentina designed by PSV Arquitecturaimage © Gonzalo Viramonte

In terms of functionality, the horseshoe allows to separate and distinguish two key areas of the daytime housing sector, a more private sector for the kitchen and the daily dining room, and a purely social one where the living room and gallery are located. Both spaces are linked by the central sector of the horseshoe that acts as a distributor and vertical circulation nucleus, and by the central courtyard that separates and visually links them and incorporates lighting and contact with nature in the spaces of the house.

architectural plans Plans

The layout of the gallery and social spaces is not accidental, being closely related to the background of the land, for its use and enjoyment. On the upper floor, the distribution works in a similar way, in this case the vertical core located in its center separates and links the bedrooms with the main suite to this independence and privacy of the latter.

Regarding the expression of its facades, it seeks to highlight the juxtaposition of the volumes using stone and glass as the base where the white prism of the upper volume sits.

Architectural schemes drawing Schemes

Architectural section drawings Site plan and Section 

a man walking in front of the house in a sunny day image © Gonzalo Viramonte

the house facade with stones and concrete image © Gonzalo Viramonte

shadow of tree on a stone wallimage © Gonzalo Viramonte

kids playing in the house courtyard image © Gonzalo Viramonte

table and chairs in the open space area near garden image © Gonzalo Viramonte

a girl watering the banana trees image © Gonzalo Viramonte

banana trees and plant in the central courtyard of the house image © Gonzalo Viramonte

the sunlight hitting the open kitchen through garden image © Gonzalo Viramonte

internal patio with green plants image © Gonzalo Viramonte

modern kitchen design with big window to the central patio image © Gonzalo Viramonte

woman watering plants in the garden image © Gonzalo Viramonte

modern steel staircase with wooden stair steps image © Gonzalo Viramonte

gran plant growing in the courtyard image © Gonzalo Viramonte

house with opening in the wall let the sun light enters image © Gonzalo Viramonte

living room with sofa image © Gonzalo Viramonte

cozy living room with fireplace and comfortable sofa image © Gonzalo Viramonte


Project name: Casa LVF

Architecture firm: PSV Arquitectura

Location: La Morada Villa urbana, Villa Allende, CórdobaArgentina

Completion year: 2019

Built area: 280 m²

Photography: Gonzalo Viramonte

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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