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Ghaneei House in Isfahan, Iran by Polsheer Architects

Project name:
Ghaneei House
Architecture firm:
Polsheer Architects
No141,Mir Street, Isfahan, Iran
Farshid Nasrabadi
Principal architect:
Mohamadreza Ghaneei, Ashkan Ghaneei
Design team:
Mohamadreza Ghaneei, Ashkan Ghaneei, Leila Izadi, Shahab Mahmoudi, Ardeshir Ghaneei
Leila Izadi, Shahab Mahmoudi, Ardeshir Ghaneei
Interior design:
Mohamadreza Ghaneei, Ashkan Ghaneei
Built area:
580 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Fereidoon Bonakdarpoor
Environmental & MEP:
Eskandar Sadeghnezhad, Heidar Khosravi
Eskandar Sadeghnezhad
Tools used:
Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop
Mehrdad Ghaneei
Brick, Glass, Aluminum, Stone
Mohamadreza Ghaneei
Residential › House

Polsheer Architects: Our house was an old house which was located on the south side of my father’s house. As the children grew up, more space was needed and this led to think about renovation, so we added two other rooms on the top floor, north side of the existing building.  The same as the other ancient Persian buildings such as Chehel Sotun palace, a porch (balcony) was built on top of these two new rooms, which can provide an integrated space which sheltered the entire family together.

After that, a driveway was constructed   on the east side of the building, which connected our house driveway (in the Mir Street) to my fathers’ house garage, which its entrance was located in the back alley (Hamid alley). Finally, a staircase with three stairs way was built to connect the east parts to the west parts of the building together; also, it has a connection joint structure role as an exact axis of my fathers’ house. These three stairways provide a circulation circle in both horizontal and vertical directions.

The aluminum covering of the main box resembles a contemporary form of ancient Persian houses light and view control system (Orosi), in which they could have full control and complete view from outside and in spite of inside suitable light by mean of colored window glasses, there was no observation possibility from outside but an opaque and non-transparent view.

modern Iranian house with aluminum facade image © Farshid Nasrabadi

Circulation diagram

The circulation system is a new an up-to-date form of the Old Persian houses circulation system, which provide horizontal transition into three vertical levels, it makes the connection of the family members eternal and endless.

Vegetation diagram

In this project, the plants have an important role alike another building parts. The old berry tree in the middle of the yard will attract every viewer’s watching, which will follow by the image of the young cedar tree in the end of the stairs, and this fantastic picture of plant will finish by the image of the old pine tree which is located in my father’s house.

contemporary Iranian architecture

brick and aluminum facade

wooden door and aluminum exterior facade

stone walls and stone floors

dining area space

rustic coffee table in living room

working space room with brick wall

colorful traditional glasses

colorful glass windows

spiral staircase made with brick

concrete staircase steps

modern black kitchen

black Persian rug

floor made of stones

double volume ceiling

stone walls and staircase

glass details

outdoor staircase

aluminum facade

Ghaneei House in Isfahan, Iran by Polsheer Architects

house exterior facade

roof garden and terrace

house with illumination at night

basement floor plan

ground floor plan

first floor plan

architecture section drawing

longitudinal section drawing

south elevation drawing

circulation diagram

architecture concept diagram

architecture principles diagram

site plan

space use diagram


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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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