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Bellwoods Lodge designed by Great Lake Studio

The Toronto-based architecture and design practice Great Lake Studio has designed "Bellwoods Lodge" a three storey residence that located on a small lot in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Project description by the architects:

Located on a small lot in Downtown Toronto, the owners of this new three storey residence desired a peaceful urban retreat, purposefully tailored to nurture and enhance a close communal family life and their enjoyment of the outdoors. The response is a highly personalized expression of one small family’s particular lifestyle.

Bellwoods Lodge designed by Great Lake Studio  in Toronto Canada image © Tom Arban

At ground level, a back-split condition responds to the natural slope of the site. An adventurous sectional arrangement continues vertically upward, with additional split levels arranged around a 3-storey light well, drawing sunlight (and moonlight) deep into the house. A home office occupies the light well, with views to the living room above, and a library space below. What would typically be the dark middle of the house is bathed in sunlight and enjoys a feeling of expansive vertical space.

luxury living room image © Tom Arban

The various regions of the home are all closely knit together across this interior light well, creating an interesting balance between separation and intimacy: While the family may be individually occupied with remote activities (cooking, lounging, working, playing), they are always quickly and easily engaged with one another.

skylight over office area image © Tom Arban

living area with natural light image © Tom Arban

The three principal living spaces (Living room, Kitchen/ Dining area, Library) also expand outwards, into separate exterior areas, each with its own unique and complementary character. At ground level, an arrangement of subtle level changes and low partitions gradually increase the degree of privacy as one moves from the street, through the interior, and into a secluded, forested back garden.

white stylish kitchen image © Tom Arban

The third floor living room - an urbanized version of a cabin in the woods with wood stove and cedar ceiling - nestles intimately into tree tops at one end, and opens widely toward the sky at the other. An upper level outdoor terrace offers easy enjoyment of the city skyline, urban tree canopy, sunsets, and the night sky.

hanged bedimage © Tom Arban

The house is thus organized around three principal axes which connect the interior with the outdoors: a ground level Garden Axis, a third level Sky Axis, and a vertical Sun Axis.

Architectural SectionSection

modern stylish green chair image © Tom Arban

grey fabric sofa located in living room image © Tom Arban

hanged bicycles to the wall image © Tom Arban

exterior facade of the house image © Tom Arban

a telescope at the rooftop of the house image © Tom Arban

outdoor garden image © Tom Arban

back wooden facade image © Tom Arban

fireplace at the backyardimage © Tom Arban

steel staircase image © Tom Arban

Architect: Great Lake Studio 

Area: 175 m²

Year: 2019

Photographer: Tom Arban

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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