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AV House designed by Cristián Romero Valente

Project name:
AV House
Architecture firm:
Romero Valente Architects
Maitencillo, Marbella, Valparaíso Region, Chile
Pablo Casals Aguirre
Principal architect:
Cristián Romero Valente
Design team:
Interior design:
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Ruiz y Saavedra
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Reinforced concrete, Steel, Glass
Residential › House

The Santiago-based architect Cristián Romero Valente has designed "AV House" a seaside modern house that located in Maitencillo, Marbella, Valparaíso Region, Chile

Architect's statement: The AV house is located in a steep slope. It is an uneven terrain next to a gorge that looks to the south, and it does not face the sea at the east. In order to not miss this view and to protect it from the wind, the house was partially rotated facing east, offering direct visual access to the Pacific Ocean.

The highest point of the house lines up with the street level and the parking space. This way the view to the sea is not blocked. The house respect the horizontality of it’s environment that extends to each of its levels. This allows that the sea is at sight from inside of the house, as well as from the surrounding outdoor spaces.

AV House designed by Cristián Romero Valenteimage © Pablo Casals Aguirre

The access ramp functions as an independent element that connects the street and the parking space with the house. The need of an access ramp constitutes an architectural opportunity: In order for the ramp inclination to offer suitable mobility and a smooth circulation, it was required to establish a separation between the house and the street.

The interior access to the house is at a mid-level height; below the street level and above the ground floor. Once inside the house there is an access hall with a balcony that looks towards the double height living room. The balcony also offers an open view to the coast.

AV House designed by Cristián Romero Valente in Chileimage © Pablo Casals Aguirre

The material used for the construction of the house is reinforced concrete with board-formed finish. The purpose of this choice of material is to make the marks visible of the goodgrain when painting it white. This choice of color aims to further the effect of a luminous atmosphere that extends to each enclosure within the house, complemented with a series of skylights and light courtyards.

The roof is a habitable space, wich is accessed from behind the wall of the main facade. It is connected to the rest of the house through a circulation route constituted by the ramp and the hall. This way the circulation is an ascendant path that rounded off with the horizontal line of the roof, which works as a spot to contemplate the sea.

concrete house image © Pablo Casals Aguirre

Concrete home toward Pacific Ocean image © Pablo Casals Aguirre

AV House designed by Cristián Romero Valente in Chile image © Pablo Casals Aguirre

girl walking with bikini beside swimming pool in a sunny day image © Pablo Casals Aguirre

concrete slab image © Pablo Casals Aguirre

living room with a luxury chimney image © Pablo Casals Aguirre

narrow skylight over staircase image © Pablo Casals Aguirre

structural detail drawing Detail

First floor planFirst Floor Plan

Second Floor PlanSecond Floor Plan

Roof planRoof plan

Architectural SectionArchitectural section

Architectural SectionSection

Concept sketch Sketch

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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