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What is Your Colorado Springs Yard Missing?

Written by:
Liliana Alvarez

A yard can be a lovely escape from the routines of everyday life. We all understand the health benefits of spending more time outdoors, such as vitamin D production in the skin, exercise, and unfiltered air in your lungs. But what if your yard has no appeal? What if you rarely spend time in your yard because nothing is exciting about it?

Turning your Colorado Springs yard into a private oasis can dramatically increase your enjoyment of the homeownership experience. This yard can become your haven, letting you enjoy the health benefits of the outdoors while growing closer to your family and your guests.

The key to having a great property is knowing what changes to make. There are several projects, both big and small, that can completely transform your outdoor experience. Plus, landscaping changes tend to have great ROI if you plan to sell the house in the future. Let’s talk about what your Colorado Springs yard might be missing.

Edging and Mowing

One of the simplest ways to make your yard look nicer is to trim the edges and mow the grass regularly. Although many countries around the world embrace the overgrowth of yards as part of the property’s beauty, many Americans find a well-manicured lawn more appealing. With a weed whacker or edge trimmer, you can easily cut along the lines in your yard, such as sidewalks, driveways, gardens, and more. The result will be a much cleaner aesthetic. Additionally, spending time in your yard may be unappealing if the grass or weeds are out of control, so keep up with mowing to make the space more attractive.

A Water Feature

The more your yard resembles the natural world, the more peaceful it can feel. If you can have the sound of trickling water emanating from your yard, it can make the experience so much more peaceful. Even if you prefer the look of an artificial fountain, this refreshing element can turn any backyard into a small slice of paradise. If you want your water feature to blend in with the landscape, then a small artificial creek surrounded by natural stones and plants will be a beautiful addition to your yard and the center of attention at all gatherings.

A Lovely Garden

Perhaps the most popular choice for beautifying a lawn is putting in a garden. A garden could adopt many different themes, including Japanese tea, English cottage, and even nautical. Gardens are incredibly versatile, so you can design one that suits your personality. You can improve your garden by choosing plants with delightful scents, adding the proper lighting, using sustainable materials to design it, and embracing different textures for contrast. If you want your garden to be more functional than aesthetic, then you can grow produce in a veggie garden or orchard, cutting down on your grocery expenses and perhaps growing enough to sell to neighbors.

A Shed

If you plan to start taking care of your lawn, then a storage shed may be necessary. You need a place to store all your gardening supplies and heavy machinery like the lawn mower. Your yard will not be as appealing if you leave all these items in view of passersby or guests at your house. You can find storage sheds for sale in Colorado Springs pretty easily, though you could also build one yourself. Either way, this shed is an important addition to your yard to keep all your supplies organized and out of sight. If you are concerned about the look of the shed, you can always do some simple landscaping work around it to help it blend into the yard a bit more.

A Patio

Spending time outside with your family or guests is easier when you have an outdoor space to gather. For many homeowners, a patio is the perfect way to enhance your property’s hosting capabilities. It could be as simple as a stone patio with a few chairs or as complex as a full outdoor kitchen. You can even add a fireplace to the patio where you can sit around for great conversations and s’mores.

Transform Your Colorado Springs Yard This Season

If you want to take advantage of outdoor health benefits and improved hosting space, then making changes to your property’s exterior may be necessary. It could be as simple as taking better care of the lawn with edging and mowing. Perhaps you would love to tackle a bigger project like a detached patio or an artificial stream by the garden. To get maximum enjoyment out of your property, consider making these changes to the outdoor space of your home.

By Liliana Alvarez

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