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What is a Passive House?

Written by:
D1 Construction
D1 Construction in collaboration with Passive House School

Imagine a sustainable building consuming around 90% less heating and cooling energy. Then imagine it can have any architectural design you want. And then imagine its total costs (i.e. construction + utility costs) for the next ten years will be lower than the costs of a same-sized conventional building for the same period of time. You have just moulded the image of the “Passive House” standard.

Our video production team is delighted to present to you our educational series about “Passive Houses”, which will also be available in different languages. Our first video briefly explains what a “Passive House” is, and our second one addresses the misconception that passive buildings always look like shoeboxes. Our upcoming productions will discuss other aspects of these highly sustainable buildings, such as their price, design, energy efficiency, climate-change influence, and other misconceptions. But... why are we doing this?

The building industry is responsible for a large carbon footprint, and people tend to breathe myriad harmful air particles worldwide. As the “Passive House” can be the cure for many climate and health- related problems, we started making short educational videos hoping to trigger people’s interest in learning more about the subject.

Everybody is free to distribute the YouTube links of the videos to show people that our homes and our planet can be more energy-efficient and have much cleaner air. Our team is always open to new video collaborations. If you have any questions or want to learn more about contemporary eco building solutions, write to us here: martin.velev@d1.construction. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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Marvel Homes -
Great article! Passive houses are such an innovative solution for sustainable living. The emphasis on insulation, airtight construction, and energy efficiency is impressive. I love how these homes not only reduce energy bills but also provide a comfortable, healthy living environment. Thanks for sharing!#Marvel Homes #Passivehomebuilder

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