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A perfect student room for effective studying at College

Written by:
Donald Mena

Remember that a room is being created for an almost adult person, then you will have no difficulties with the design and decoration of a student room. You can immediately discard all sorts of ideas inherent in children's rooms. Students need proper space to be successful at college and accomplish all the writing assignments on time. They can also buy custom essay online if needed. A corner for a student should become not just a room, but combine the properties of a living room, a study, a gym, and even a nightclub.

Rules for the design of a room for a student

Rule 1. In all matters, you should consult with your child: if it is easy enough for young children to find out their preferences, then the situation is more complicated with a practically formed personality. It is necessary to listen to the opinion of an adult child as much as possible. It is good to provide him with illustrative examples and options, allowing him to choose what he wants. A comfortable and pleasant environment will help to increase working capacity.

Rule 2. Any child requires a lot of free space. If young children need a lot of space for games and various activities, then teenagers and students need it for hobbies, sports, and guests.

Tip! If the desired space is not available, it can be increased by transforming the furniture. For example, a folding bed or a pull-out sofa perfectly increase the space.

Rule 3. You need to try to exclude unnecessary items: heavy curtains, large carpets, and other things quickly become overgrown with dust and dirt. Remembering that the student is an adult, but still a child who hates cleaning, it is better to create an environment that clogs up more slowly.

Rule 4. To avoid unnecessary clutter and confusion in the room, provoking the appearance of a mess, you should divide the room into several zones: in one corner there is a bed, in another - a work area, in the third – a sports corner, in the fourth – a space for hobbies.

Tip! A mess can also be prevented by putting in enough storage cabinets.

Rule 5. It is important to remember that the older the child is, the more clothes he has and the desire to look good. And for a young man, and especially for a girl, you need a lot of space to store clothes. 

Study area – the main focus

The workplace in the student's room should be arranged according to the principle of an office:

     - comfortable chair;

     - a table with a large surface for study and work;

     - there are many shelves and drawers for storing books and office;

     - desktop shelf for computer;

     - lots of light.

Tip! It is better to place a desk right next to the window so that during the daytime there is an opportunity to use exclusively natural light. This way, the eyes will be less tired.

The influence of hobbies on the interior

Hobbies and interests always have a tangible influence on the life of any person. This is especially acute at the student age.

If a student's hobby is collecting figurines or stamps, cross-stitching, or drawing, the interior will not suffer much from amendments. But if a student loves hard rock or plays the trumpet, you should take care of sound insulation in his room so that loud music does not interfere with parents and neighbors.

Thematic hobbies like Anime, astrology, ballet, or karate allow you to bring this theme into the interior, but there is one big "BUT". In early childhood, you can often find such a design solution, but at an older age there is often a change of interests: a student can easily forget about childhood hobbies, immersed in studies, finding a girlfriend, or just finding a new hobby. In this case, it will be a pity for the time and money spent on the fact that the child will not be interested in six months.

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Choosing a student's room style

Youth is always one step ahead, has modern and progressive views on life. Therefore, the best choice for a student's room will be modern solutions in the interior. It will also be appropriate to combine two different styles: you can imagine how interesting minimalism looks with interspersed classical elements in the form of a chandelier or an armchair.

Minimalism style with bright splashes of decor is perfect for a student's room. Such an interior allows you to change the surrounding space at least every day. Everything original, "alive", an alternative is welcome and causes a craving for imitation. If the room is spacious enough, the sofa can be supplemented with a couple of bag chairs or a cute pouf.

In addition to minimalism, you can consider options such as loft or urban style, where imitation brick walls and plaster are combined with modern appliances, glass, and chrome decor elements.

Loft style and urban style are really good for designing students’ rooms. Brickwork, pipes, and rough plaster are harmoniously combined with modern technology, chrome surfaces, glass partitions. The interior is characterized by an open layout and, practically, the complete absence of partitions. All functional zones are separated by different types of zoning:

     - color contrasts

     - accentuating with light

     - glass partitions that do not violate the basic concept of open space.

The student's time is a time of active changes, the desire to learn more and express themselves as much as possible in this world. Therefore, the interior of a student room can be a combination of seemingly opposite styles.

For example, a room in the style of minimalism, suddenly has a classic-style decor, an elegant chandelier with suspensions. Glamorous!

Space - the more, the better

To avoid clutter, the room should have a clear delineation into zones: study, recreation, storage.

Fill each area with the necessary furniture and allow the student to add decor to the interior on their own: bright posters on the wall, collections, gadgets, sports equipment. Moreover, by changing his preferences, he will be able to change the design of the room to his liking. Having the proper room helps students to focus, if they still struggle with that, they can contact the best dissertation writing service online. They can get qualified support there and improve their grades.

The student's room should be spacious and bright enough to sleep comfortably in it, nothing distracts during classes and does not interfere during gatherings with friends. Try to create an interior with a large number of storage spaces, this will help maintain order and free up space even for a small room.

Light wood furniture also makes the interior lighter and more neutral.

Dressing room. The student's room should have a spacious wardrobe for clothes, shoes, and sports accessories. All kinds of shelves, drawers, hangers will not only keep the room tidy but will also allow you to keep things in a "take it and put it on" state. Agree, this is important for a student.

Fill each area with the necessary furniture and let the student add the decor to the interior on their own.

A room on two floors

Since the room where the student lives is a multifunctional room, it is necessary to accommodate a lot in the available meters. In the case of a small student room, we think overall about the little things and use all possible design techniques.

We combine the work area and the dressing room. The second floor will successfully accommodate a full-fledged recreation area with a TV. There was a place and a shelf with books (where would a student go without them?). We even use the windowsill properly: it will make a great table for morning coffee!

Living room-studio. Combining the living room with the kitchen is a convenient solution. Such an interior is preferred by young people who do not spend much time cooking and often equip the living room-studio with a bar counter and a huge amount of modern household appliances: coffee machine, toaster, food processor, dishwasher, refrigerator and much more.

Very comfortable and modern!

By Liliana Alvarez

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