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Top Tips for Improving Your Homes Aesthetic Appeal

Written by:
Lenka Olsavova
Max Vakhtbovych

When your home looks good it makes it more enjoyable to live in. Improving your home's aesthetic appeal may not have been something that you have invested a lot of time or money in so far. However, that is something that must now change. Improving aesthetics both internally and externally will help you to raise the value of your home, and help you unlock its full potential.

Be Bold and Make a Statement

When you begin looking at what you can do to give your home a boost, you can turn to safe options. However, this is not always the best thing to do - especially if you want to make a statement. Being bold, and creative with what you do (add or install) is important. For instance, instead of painting the exterior of your home in one solid color, look at mixing things up a bit. Look at using two or more colors (contrasting or complimentary). Push yourself out of your comfort zone to help elevate your home.

Take Inspiration from Designer Homes and Show homes

Even if you do not have all of the ideas about how to improve your home, you do not need to panic. You can take inspiration from show homes, and from designer homes that you see online (and in magazines). Replicating the aesthetics that you see may be possible, even on a smaller budget, so try not to rule anything out. When you look at designer homes and show homes, you see what is in fashion, and you also see what works, and what has the WOW factor.

Focus on All Areas of the Home

You may be heavily focused on improving the internal aesthetics of your home. You may also be focused on the landscaping and garden. However, where possible, you must try and focus on all areas of your home. For instance, this may mean that you want to start focusing your efforts on the garage. In the garage, a coat of paint will help freshen things up. Visiting Garage floors direct will also allow you to see how you can elevate the aesthetics quickly by installing rubber flooring that is clean, and easier to maintain than dusty concrete floors.

Declutter and Get Rid of Useless Stuff

You don’t always need to reach for the paint and wallpaper to improve the aesthetics of your home. In fact, you can have an impact simply by decluttering and getting rid of useless stuff that has built up over time. Piles of stuff, together with unwanted junk and clutter around your home can make it feel unattractive and chaotic. You will find that this can then draw your attention away from the hidden beauty and appealing aesthetic your home already has to offer.

Focus Your Attention on the Exterior and Landscaping

Boosting and elevating the interior of your home is always important. However, you must remember not to forget about exterior spaces too, as these have a large impact on your whole home. Landscaping a bit of unused garden area or even introducing new places to sit, eat and entertain can have a noticeable impact.

By Liliana Alvarez

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