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Tips To Transform Your Garage into a Zen Den

Written by:
Maria Brendel
Zen Den in Kingston NY - Huy Bui

Meditation is a powerful tool when it comes to keeping your psyche in check. It’s a great way to rid yourself of stress and anxiety after a hard day of work. Moreover, it can improve your focus and make you more creative and imaginative. Unfortunately, to meditate, you need a proper space. This may come off as a surprise, but an unused garage might be just the perfect area for that.

There are several reasons why, but the most important is the size of the room and the lack of noise, though the latter only applies if it’s an unused garage. Transforming one into a zen den is easy too - all you have to do is change the garage door to transparent ones to get more light, insulate the place properly, switch the concrete floor for a different flooring solution, paint the inside into a relaxing color and make a dedicated space for your equipment like incense candles. Read the article and discover that transforming your garage into a zen den is entirely possible!

Install a Transparent Garage Door For More Natural Illumination

Although the garage is a fairly large room, it’s usually very dark in there. You can change this by installing a transparent garage door in order to let more natural light in. What makes this even better is that the floor-to-ceiling type of garage doors are very popular right now. The idea behind them is to create an illusion that the house plan is much bigger than it really is. This is a great thing for those who want to expand their living space but don’t want to spend a lot of money on expanding their house.

At the same time, installing a transparent one will allow you to see if someone is coming up the driveway - this may be very useful for those who live in the city and have no front door to signal the entrance. In addition, it will allow you to see the outside beauty, like trees or flowers. Lastly, by installing a transparent garage door, you’ll get more natural light into the garage, which will make it look brighter. Just make sure that your garage door is transparent only, and there aren’t any actual holes which could serve as an entrance point for rodents, and if there’s a need, you should purchase a garage door seal to ensure peaceful meditation sessions.

Change the Flooring Solution

Some people already have hybrid vinyl flooring in their garage to add a certain touch of elegance, but others don’t know what flooring solution they should use. It all depends on your preferences and lifestyle. You might want to go with hardwood floors or laminate floors (as they are very easy to clean), on the other hand, if you are planning on storing some items in the garage and don’t care about appearance, you might want to go with a cheaper option like linoleum.

Regardless of your flooring solution, you need to make sure that it’s easy to clean and maintains its beauty for as long as possible. This means that you should avoid using gravel or stone floors. In addition, you should avoid using carpets too - they are not only difficult to clean, but they also collect dust and dirt.

Insulate the Floor and Walls Properly

Although the concrete floor may seem like a decent surface for meditating, it’s not as comfortable as other flooring solutions. Therefore, you should consider insulating the place properly before you start meditating. If you don’t want to deal with messy materials or dirty hands, you can always hire a professional insulation company to do this for you.

Besides that, you should also consider insulating the walls properly in order to eliminate unwanted noise from outside. This can be achieved by installing additional insulation between the drywall sheets, using soundproofing panels, or installing heavy curtains (if you don’t use a transparent garage door, that is). No matter which option you choose, this will improve your overall experience and make your garage feel like a proper zen den.

Paint Your New Zen Den Into a Relaxing Color

The color of your garage door can be quite important when it comes to improving your overall experience when meditating. There are several psychological factors that play a role here - for example, warm colors like red and orange tend to put people in a more relaxed state, while cool colors like blue and green will make people feel more energized. The best color choice depends on your personal preferences, but if you want to achieve peace of mind, meditating in a relaxing space is crucial. Moreover, painting your garage into a calming shade of orange or blue will make it feel more spacious as well.

Make a Dedicated Space for Your Equipment

The last step in transforming your garage into a zen den is to make a dedicated space for your equipment. What this means is that you should have a purpose-built space for your meditation equipment, so that you can meditate peacefully. The best way to do this is by getting a dedicated corner of the garage where you can put all of it. This can be achieved by installing custom shelves or by simply getting a dedicated cabinet.

At the same time, you should put it in a place where no one will trip over it while they walk through the garage. Lastly, you should also install some incense candles and get a proper mat to sit on while you meditate. Once you do this, you’ll notice that your garage will feel like a proper zen den - one where you can achieve peace of mind and enjoy your meditations without any distractions or interruptions.


It’s time to stop neglecting your garage and start using it as a zen den. There are many reasons why you should do so - for example, by transforming your garage into a zen den, you’ll be able to meditate in a peaceful and quiet environment. Besides that, you can use it as a guest room, a storage room, or simply a man cave, depending on your needs. However, no matter what you do with your garage, make sure that it’s properly insulated, painted in a relaxing color, and has a dedicated space for your equipment. Good luck!

By Liliana Alvarez

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