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Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Pool Regularly

Written by:
Allen Brown
Tom Fisk (cover image), Josh Sorenson

Having a swimming pool in your own garden is a lovely thing. The pool quickly becomes the focus of the garden, especially if you have kids. The whole family can take a dip whenever they wish, it’s almost like being on holiday!

It is important to keep your pool in good condition. You want to know if it's safe for your family, clean, and in good working order at all times. Failure to keep your pool well maintained can lead to irreversible damage. Considering the cost of pool installation and pool resurfacing, you want to avoid damage at all costs! Below is a list of pool maintenance tips and all the reasons why you should maintain your pool regularly. 

Remove Stains

One of the most frustrating things about pools is when they look dirty. What to do? Well, seeking out swimming pool stain advice is a good place to start. You may be thinking the only option is to completely drain your pool and give these stains a manual clean. This, luckily, is not the best or most cost-effective solution. 

Instead, you can have your stains assessed by professionals who can analyze and confirm what has caused the stains on your pool. Then, they can provide you with a chemical solution to clean those specific stains. Each solution is designed to tackle different kinds of marks, from calcium to algae. 

If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, a technician can come and add the solutions to your water for you. Either way, your stains will naturally disappear and your pool water will be safe to swim again within just 7 days. Getting rid of pool stains is essential for keeping the water clean and your pool looking fresh. 

Keep Machinery Working Effectively

There are a lot of moving parts within a swimming pool construction. Obviously, it’s not just a hole filled with water! If you don’t maintain and look after these mechanical parts, you will end up with failures that could be damaging or dangerous. 

Most commonly, pools have boilers or heating elements to keep the water at a nice temperature. These, just like any other boiler in the home, require regular servicing. A pool specialist can look at these for you, making sure they are in good working order and not at all damaged. They will be able to assess the working condition of all the pool mechanics, keeping your water warm and your family safe.

Check the Water Level and pH

It’s very important to keep the pH levels of your pool water in the right zone. The ideal pH level is anywhere between 7 and 7.8. This is in the neutral to the slightly alkaline zone of pH measurement. Any higher, and the water will be too alkaline, which can cause scaling and pool stains. Alkaline water can also make the chlorine in your pool work less effectively, which is not ideal. 

Any lower than 7 and you move into the acidic territory. Slight acidity will cause damage to surfaces, especially metals. While anything at the very low end of the scale would obviously be very dangerous to human skin.

swimming pool aerial view from above image © Josh Sorenson 

Invest in a Pool Cover System

Investing in a pool cover system is a decision that offers several advantages, enhancing the pool-owning experience on multiple fronts. A well-chosen pool cover can significantly reduce the amount of maintenance required by preventing debris from falling into the pool, leading to cleaner water and less frequent need for filtration and chemical treatments. This, in turn, saves time and money. Moreover, pool covers provide an extra layer of safety, especially in households with children or pets, by preventing accidental falls into the water. Another benefit is the conservation of water by minimizing evaporation, which helps both the environment and your wallet. Lastly, in the case of solar pool covers, there's an added bonus of passive heating of the pool, extending the swimming season without a hefty energy bill. Hence, a pool cover system represents a worthwhile investment for any pool owner.

Clear the Filter

Most pools have a filter. These filters are essential elements in keeping your pool clean, as they grab and hold onto dirt allowing your water to stay crystal clear. One of the most common types of filters is a cartridge filter. These are relatively easy to clean, though the process may take a little while. 

Remove your filter and hose it down, clearing away any obvious dirt and blockages. It is then recommended to soak the filters for a further 12 hours, to assist with the removal of any smaller dirt and grime particles. After a final rinse, dry the filter off and put it back in place. Alternatively, having two sets of filters means you can swap one in, whilst cleaning the other. 

Get the Floor Clean

Finally, some dirt, vegetation, or other small objects can easily sink to the bottom of your pool. It’s no good trying to catch them all with skimming nets, you’ll need something more powerful. Robotic pool floor vacuums are excellent pieces of kit for this very task. They work alone and clean the entire floor of your pool autonomously. Doing this once a week will keep your pool floor clean and clear of any potentially hazardous items.

Keeping your pool clean is about more than looks, then. It’s about creating a safe and healthy environment for the whole family to enjoy, with no risk of injury or infection. Regular maintenance is key to a long-lasting swimming pool.

By Liliana Alvarez

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