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Marketing Strategies to Amplify the Reach of a Dynamic Online Platform Connecting People and Projects for Sustainable Living Architecture

Written by:
Emily Porter

A marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan that guides a business on how to use online channels to reach more clients, increase the visibility of a brand, drive more sales, and accomplish specific business goals. This strategy can be online or offline-based. Online marketing strategies have proven to be very effective because they reach more people from different locations as opposed to offline ones. An online marketing strategy typically uses online channels and social media platforms. Regardless of whether the strategy is online or offline, a marketing strategy is a key for promoting the success of a business.

Exhibition stands as a marketing strategy

Exhibition stand hire is an example of a marketing strategy that amplifies the reach of clients while promoting sustainability. Exhibition stands can be part exhibition marketing. This type of marketing strategy is ideal for time-restricted events. Exhibition marketing simply refers to marketing your business by having a presence at trade shows or similar events. These events serve as marketing instruments by giving you a chance to showcase your services or products to potential clients and engaged individuals that may be new to your business and its offerings.

You can achieve your marketing goals through exhibition marketing by doing the following:

 - Making sure that your stand stands out from the competition. Normally, an exhibition features several brands and businesses. So, you have to make sure that your spot stands out through the design, decoration, and the structures used.

 - Using attractive exhibition stand designs as well as unique ones. You do not have to use the same stand over and over. You can either use modular designs that can be transformed for every event or hire your stands for flexibility.

 - Using lighting as a means for promoting uniqueness and make your stand attractive -

- Setting a goal and taking active steps to ensure that you meet it. This can be achieved by determining your expectations from the exhibition then mapping out how you can meet those expectations from your exhibition stand. You may need professional assistance here. Working with an experienced team may also come in handy.

Sustainable exhibition marketing

Sustainable exhibition marketing can be achieved by using sustainable exhibition stands. These are stands that are made from sustainable or eco-friendly materials such as recycled materials, FSC-certified wood, low-VOC paints, and eco-friendly adhesives. The application of sustainable materials helps reduce the environmental impact of the exhibition stands while enhancing a brand’s image as an environmentally-conscious business.

Exhibition stands can also be sustainable thanks to the application of modular and reusable designs. These are designs that are easy to disassemble, transport, and reconfigure for other events. These modular designs are perfect for exhibition stand hire.

Exhibition stand hire is a way of promoting sustainability. Instead of wasting resources on stands, the same stands can be reused by different clients for different events. Investing in reusable structures and designs saves money and also contributes to a circular economy.

Other tips for promoting sustainability with exhibition stands are:

 - Using energy-efficient lighting – lighting is very important when it comes to setting up and showcasing exhibition stands. Using energy-efficient fixtures for lighting that do not consume too much electricity and have an improved lifespan can promote sustainability.

 - Integrating natural elements – incorporating elements like live plants, green walls, and natural fabric can help advance your stand’s appeal and quality.

 - Using sustainable transportation – transporting your products, including the stand via green transportation like promoting carpooling, public means, and offering parking facilities for bicycles at your exhibition event can also promote sustainability.

 - Collaborating with sustainable suppliers – you can also partner with eco-friendly suppliers for sourcing materials, services, and products for your stand as part of sustainability promotion.

Exhibition stands for online marketing

Exhibition stands can also help you with online marketing. How is this possible? One of the keys for successful online marketing is creating quality content. You can create content for your online marketing strategies from your exhibition stand. The key is to make your stand as attractive and unique as possible, then create unique and high-quality content from the stand which you can use for marketing on social channels like social media platforms. You can also use the content to promote sustainability in marketing. All you have to do is make sure that your content is creative and unique.

Besides this, you can use online marketing to create even more of a presence for your exhibition stand. So, instead of only the people attending the exhibition getting to see and experience your stand, social media can allow you to achieve an even greater audience for your stand. Through online marketing, you can get more people to attend the exhibition. Alternatively, you can host a live event on social platforms to showcase the event online as it goes on.

Final Words

There are many approaches to marketing strategies that can help you reach a dynamic range of clients. Bringing together online marketing strategies and exhibition marketing is a genius move. The key to making this move successful is to come up with a well thought out plan from the start and seeing it through. Exhibition hire services may also come in handy especially if you want to cut down on costs while promoting sustainability at the same time.

By Liliana Alvarez

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