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Lo Sereno, Casa De Playa: “A Hotel That Isn’t A Hotel” Where Peace Rules

Written by:
Lo Sereno
Leandro Bulzzano

Between the sky and the earth, between the mountains of the Sierra Madre del Surcand the Pacific Ocean, lies this oasis that pays homage to serenity, local character, and authenticity. Paradise is found in Mexico.

For Jorge Luis Borges, the quest for serenity seemed a more reasonable and legitimate ambition than the fruitless search for happiness. “Perhaps serenity is a form of happiness”, he wrote: And he was right: it is. For many, serenity is a state of mind, body and soul; but for those who know Lo Sereno, Casa de Playa it is also a memory, a destination, a paradise that is right here among us.

Lo Sereno is not a hotel and nor is it a house: it is that place, that paradise, to which we can always return in search not of an Olympian, impossible happiness, but a real, warm, and human serenity A sanctuary, but also a caress, where we can swap the sound of the alarm clock and car horns for the murmur of the waves, a place that invites us to look inside and reconnect with what is most authentic and what really matters: our true self.

The new luxury seeks new destinations that go beyond fashions and trends, hideaways that are not so much unknown as authentic, where the beating heart of native truth is found without the need to resort to clichés that transform the typical into a mere topic of conversation. Lo Sereno is the epitome of that authenticity, beginning with the enclave where it nestles. Located between the sky and the earth, between the mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur and the Pacific Ocean, in the town of Troncones, Guerrero, this is a mecca of contemporary hospitality whose architecture harmonizes with its surroundings with a minimalist design that combines simplicity and humanism, merging with nature.

Lo Sereno does not seek peace, but embraces it. It is not a house, although it may seem so: it is more. In its ten suites, a magical number, are to be found all the amenities that global nomads may desire—and others to be discovered during your stay— together with the longed-for privacy of an oasis. Sharing beauty is a deep human need: in the common spaces of this hotel that rewrites the boutique concept, guests have the opportunity to connect (or not) with other travelers who, like them, seek harmony in a perfect environment. The terrace and the infinity pool overlooking the sea, the gardens, which reflect a nature that is humanized but not dominated by man, and the pergola invite intimate conversations, and the chance discover together with others—and with ourselves—values that we thought we had forgotten.

At dawn, a yoga or meditation session on the beach, followed by a cup of freshly brewed coffee on the terrace, invite introspection before returning to our daily lives with a renewed soul and determination. At Lo Sereno, the menu of activities is not overwhelming; it has been designed according to the needs of the guest who wishes to personalize their stay without competing with anyone else. From a peaceful dolce far niente to a stay full of activities such as surfing, SUP, boogy boarding, sport fishing, hiking or mountain biking trails and sunset horseback riding, everything is possible in this Mexican paradise.

At midday, Lo Sereno’s kitchens also translate that same search for true local flavor, without false notions of what is typical, into dishes where the produce takes center stage. The protocol of barefoot luxury does not demand great formalities, but a single commandment: authenticity. Not only in terms of design or service, but also in the flavors, which connect with the roots of the place. What does Lo Sereno taste of? Of haute cuisine without artifice, of truth, of home... only a thousand times better.

About Lo Sereno, Casa De Playa

Not all beaches are created equal, nor are all boutique hotels the same. Troncones, 30 minutes from Zihuatanejo international airport, is a quiet town, nestled between the mountains and the ocean, with world class surfing and incredible pacific ocean landscape.

Lo Sereno, member of Design HotelsTM, presents a sensual and sophisticated approach to barefoot elegance. The ten-suite hotel exists in a balance of romance and adventure, including a Mexican concept kitchen, sourcing local fresh ingredients daily. The bar and dining area are open-air and encapsulated by the hotel’s glittering black infinity pool. At Lo Sereno you can enjoy cocktails and beverages either at the dining area, in the lounge, or on the beach. Lo Sereno provides all the amenities a modern traveler may desire, curating brands worldwide for an all-sensory experience. One visit to Lo Sereno and you will always have a home to return to on the beach.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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