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Kitchen Storage Optimization Ideas

Written by:
James Cothern
Pedini Miami

Organization is key in any space and that is especially true in the kitchen. You can only get to have the most out of your kitchen if everything is organized. So, start decluttering now, and enjoy the extra storage you will find.

Here are some tips to optimize the storage you have in your kitchen:

Kitchen storage

    1- Deep Clean

Believe it or not, if you look into your pantry today, at least half of the things you have in storage are well over expiration date. So, it's high time that you clean and toss out all expired goods in your pantry. Make sure to check all your kitchen goods. Take note that even cleaning materials get stale. So, check under the kitchen sink too.

    2- Use trays

Have you ever tried opening your kitchen cabinets to find a spoon and fork but couldn't? Well, you can avoid such a problem if you use trays to organize your kitchen utensils. This way, you can easily group spoons, forks, spatulas, whisks and other kitchen utensils separately. You won't have to scavenge through your drawers again.

    3- Install Hooks

To save space, you can actually install hooks to store mugs, ladles, knives or the like. This will free up much needed real estate in your countertop and make use of the available vertical space. You can put hooks in the doors under the sink for wash cloths. You can hang hooks on the pantry door for your aprons or dog leash. You can hang hooks above the kitchen sink for mugs, glasses or even pots. 

    4- Glass Jars

Instead of storing your goods in their original package, use glass jars instead. This will help you get so much more storage space for other things. Using glass jars will enable you to stack items on top of each other and use the cabinet's vertical space. You will not have trouble finding things because glass jars and transparent. They will definitely give your kitchen cabinets a huge makeover.

    5- Dividers

Do you know the dividers used in the office to organize files? Well, there is a metal divider specifically designed to do just that inside the kitchen. This divider can be used to easily arrange pot covers, lids, pans and baking sheets. This will save you a lot of trouble in finding the right lid and avoid an avalanche of covers or pans when opening your cabinet. 

    6- Mounted Dish Rack

Everyone has a dish rack in the kitchen. This means that there is valuable countertop real estate that is not fully optimized. So, try mounting your dish rack on the wall. This will save you much-needed counter space, and allow you to do more in the kitchen. For best results, mount your dish rack right on top of your sink. This will allow you to dry your dishes right on top of the sink. No need to dry off water drips on the countertop!

    7- Magnetic rack

You can also install a magnetic strip on your kitchen wall. This is great to organize your knives and other metal tools. Not only will you be sure that knives are out of reach, you will also be assured that your knives are kept dry and won't rust. Sometimes, if knives are kept in cabinets and not dried properly, rust can ruin it.

    8- Get a Lazy Susan

This gadget has been around for ages, but it is still very much present in 2021. In fact, there is a miniature version that can be used inside the cabinet. It is great to store spices without the trouble of finding specific herbs that are placed at the back of the pile. You can just easily rotate it and find what you are looking for.

    9- Hang your Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets can take up a lot of counter space. You can opt for a hanging fruit basket to solve that problem. There are baskets that can be hung unto the ceiling that consist of around 3 tiers. This means more storage without losing counter space. Also, hanging your fruit will help it ripen and keep it fresh.

    10- Empty Bag Storage

To be more Eco-friendly, most households store their bags in a specific kitchen drawer. This means one less storage room for more important kitchen utensils. So, you can designate a container you can hang behind your pantry door to store all your recyclable empty plastic bags.

    11- Rearrange your kitchen 

Contrary to popular belief, you can change up the shape and size of your kitchen on a budget. There are plenty of ex-display kitchens for sale online, which can be purchased and installed no matter your budget, Why not reorganise your kitchen from head to toe, where you can choose where new cabinets, sinks and other utilities can go?

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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