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How to Sell a House with a Unique Architectural Style

Written by:
Dina Summers

Homes have seen a significant transformation over the years. Brown used to be the dominant interior decor color for living room furniture, countertops, and cabinets. Nowadays, minimalistic white interiors are much more popular.

These shifts reflect how real estate trends evolve. Similarly, houses with unique architectural styles have also fallen out of mainstream favor. Their appeal is now primarily to a select group of individuals who have a specific appreciation for unique designs.

If you're thinking, "How can I sell my house fast in Olathe, especially when it has a distinctive architectural style?" you’re in the right place. Selling such a house requires a tailored approach. Whether your home is a mid-century modern gem or a charming Victorian, finding the right buyers demands a mix of strategy and creativity. Here’s how to ensure your unique home finds the perfect new owners:

1. Highlight the Unique Features

Your house's unique features are its biggest selling point. They are what will draw potential buyers. Rather than hide them or remodel them to suit more modern and conventional styles, highlight them. You can do this through:

Professional Photography 

High-quality photos are necessary to showcase the uniqueness of your house. Hire a professional photographer who has experience capturing architectural details. 

Their expertise will capture the essence of your house’s unique charm, including its angles, while utilizing natural and artificial lighting to create spotlight areas. Aspects of your home, such as intricate woodwork, expansive glass windows, or distinct rooflines, need highlighting.

Detailed Descriptions

In your listings, be descriptive. Use engaging language to paint a picture of what living in your home feels like. One of the biggest challenges with selling a house that has a unique architectural style is the inability of potential buyers to envision themselves within that space.

With detailed descriptions of how each feature of the house adds value to the living experience, many people might begin to see themselves living in the house.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Understanding that not everyone will appreciate the distinct qualities of your house is important for your house listing. Houses with unique architectural styles appeal to a specific audience that may include artists, architectural enthusiasts, or just individuals who like unique spaces.

Once you have identified the right audience for your home, focus your marketing strategy on how to reach this group. Your marketing efforts should focus on platforms where your target market is. Use online platforms that cater to individuals interested in specific architectural styles to reach them. 

Also, some buyers might be unfamiliar with your home's architectural style.  Use this opportunity to educate your potential buyers/audience about your house. You can use an architectural fact sheet to provide details about your home. Explain its style and history as this primes them to appreciate the unique value your home offers.

3. Stage Appropriately

Staging is an important part of highlighting and marketing any home, especially a unique one. It enriches or refines the elements of the house. Stage your home in a way that complements its architectural style, but it should also help potential buyers see themselves living there.  

Think furniture that accentuates the flow of the space, and décor that reflects the home's personality without going overboard. Unique homes sometimes have quirky layouts or unusual spaces. Show how these can be effectively used. Turn an odd nook into a cozy reading corner or demonstrate how a loft space can be an inspiring home office.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional videographer or use virtual tour software to create videos of the house. Sometimes, this helps buyers decide faster than a still image would.

4. Work with the Right Real Estate Agent

Partner with a real estate agent who has experience selling unique homes. They will understand the nuances of your property and have the connections to reach potential buyers who appreciate unique architecture. Look for an agent that has a strong online presence and can create compelling listings. If they have experience selling houses similar to yours, that’s even better. 

Also, since the value of a unique home can be difficult to determine, working with an experienced real estate agent will help you set the right price for the property. However, be open to negotiations and offer incentives if you can.


Selling a house with a unique architectural style requires a thoughtful approach. By understanding your audience, highlighting your home’s distinctive features, staging effectively using high-quality visuals, and marketing strategically, you can find the perfect buyers who will appreciate and cherish your home.

By Liliana Alvarez

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