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How to Clean a Large House Quickly

Written by:
Timothy St John
David Besh

Do you have trouble keeping your home looking clean? You may think it is too big for you to clean on your own, but there are some strategies you can put into effect that will help you clean faster and more efficiently and spend less time trying to keep it clean.

Make a Cleaning Plan

Before you just start diving into the cleaning that needs to be done, you should draw up a plan for how you are going to go about it. Break down each room on your plan into the different chores that need to be done. List the sweeping, scrubbing, window washing, vacuuming and other chores for each of the rooms. Putting all the tasks in perspective and in order like this can help you have a better idea of what needs to be done and how long it might take to do it. That way, you can realistically breakdown the chores into the time frame you need to accomplish them.

Stay Focused

What makes a house cleaning takes so long much of the time is that you may tend to get sidetracked. It can help to turn off any kind of distractions, even shutting off your phone so you don't get calls and notifications that can make you lose your focus. This way, you'll be in the cleaning zone and get more done in a shorter amount of time. Do you find yourself starting projects and having trouble finishing them because you get distracted? Make a plan to work on the house until the job is done or work for a specific amount of time. Either one of these methods is effective at keeping you focused and preventing distractions.

There are many methods for improving your focus, not just on a specific task but over a period of time as you develop yourself mentally. Try working on some of these when you're not in the middle of a task and see how they might improve your ability to focus later on.

Put on Some Music

You may have trouble working for very long on your home simply because you get bored with it and lose interest or you feel like the work is too much. You need something to get your mind off the task you're doing without actually distracting you. Music is a good way to do that. You can put your headphones in orturn on your home speakers and play some tunes to get you in a working mood. Music helps you not think so much about all the work you're doing and how long it takes to do it. Music can be an excellent distraction, in that it does not necessarily take away from your focus but helps you not to think so much about the negative aspects of what you're doing. The stimulating music improves your mood that would otherwise be somewhat down because of the work you are engaged in.

Get a Little Help

A large home can be difficult to clean on your own. You may not know how to tackle the project in one go, but with some help, you might be able to. Why not ask other people living with you to help out with the work or invite friends or family over to do some cleaning with you? You can return the favor and help them clean as well. This makes the work go faster and makes it easier to get everything done at one time.

You could also use the services of a Washington, DC professional cleaning company (or a company for your local area). You may not be able to clean the entire home on your own, so it can help to have someone do some of the work instead.

If it's important to you to keep your home clean and it is too much of a job for you to handle yourself, then you should not feel ashamed to ask for some help, whether that's professional cleaners or friends and family members.

Don’t Do it All at Once

A mistake that many people make in trying to clean their houses is that they attempt to clean it all at once. While this can be very helpful in some cases and ensure that you get the job done and are not putting it off until later, it can be difficult with a larger house that you are cleaning by yourself. So, in some instances, it's better to split up the work over several days. You can do one room at a time, or you can do a little work throughout the house each day.

What many people do is attempt to finish some minor daily chores like sweeping, wiping down counters, and washing dishes. Then, they do the rest of the house cleaning on the weekend when they have more time. That way, when they're ready to do the bulk of the cleaning, they don't have as much to do because they've been doing little jobs throughout the week.

It's also not a bad idea to take breaks when you're cleaning the house. If you're going to be working for several hours, you can end up working slower after an hour or so of cleaning. You will re-energize yourself and work better if you take a few minutes to relax. Work for a while, then take some time to get your energy back and go back to work. This can help you to get the job done in less time overall, as taking breaks helps you to maintain a consistent work performance.

Clean Systematically

While there are lots of great ways to reduce your overall house cleaning time and work more efficiently, one of the best time saver cleaning methods is to work in a systematic manner. Cleaning one room at a time, from one direction to another, prevents tracking dirt across cleaned areas. It also keeps you focused and reduces the amount of back-and-forth time you spend.

Apply these tips to cut down on your overall cleaning time and get a large house cleaned faster.

By Liliana Alvarez

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