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Different Ways To Decorate the Mantel Above Your Fireplace

Written by:
Felicia Priedel
Michael Gattorna

If the focal point of your living room is the fireplace, finding different ways to decorate the mantel creatively can make this element pop and stand out more. This is the perfect place to display your favorite items and enhance the hearth’s look. Get your creativity flowing and use our ultimate list of mantel décor to transform the design and look of your fireplace.

Hang Abstract Art

Are you an art fanatic? One simple and quick way to enhance your mantel is to hang abstract art above it. We recommend asking an art-loving friend to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for you rather than going to the store and buying a print many others will have. If you don’t have an artist friend, consider asking around locally and supporting an artist in your community before broadening your search online. Either way, a piece of abstract art can speak for itself by adding style to your fireplace.

Add Dimension With a Mirror

Depending on where your windows are facing in the living room, this space may appear darker than others. A great way to fix this issue is to place mirrors on shelves or walls to help reflect and bounce the light for a brighter space. Rest a medium size mirror against the mantel and wall to add a whimsical charm to the living room—you can never go wrong with a multi-purposeful décor item.

Strategically Place Memorabilia & Souvenirs

One way to make your décor more personable is to use memorabilia you collected over the years or souvenirs from vacations and trips. Many pet owners will choose an urn for their pet ashes and place this on the mantel as a tribute to their late furry friend. Strategically placing these items will increase the hominess of your living room for a more inviting and personal feel.

Create a Family Photo Collage

Maybe you don’t want many objects on the mantel and, instead, want to hang photos on the wall above it—a family collage is perfect for this. We recommend using frames of varying sizes and designs; if you choose the same frame for all your photos, it might look too prim and proper and less homey. Gather your favorite snapshots of friends and family over the years and space them out in a collage above the mantel in a way that makes the most sense to you.

Place a Large Farmhouse Clock

A signature way to decorate the mantel above your fireplace is by hanging a large farmhouse clock. Large clocks make great focal points for a room because their design can be as intricate or minimal as your desire while adding a modern touch to the room’s aesthetic. Consider adding other décor around the clock, like vases and plants, to add more style.

Keep your preferences and personal style in mind when decorating your home. Choose one or a few ideas from this list to curate the ultimate mantel décor. What will you use to add personality to your fireplace and mantel?

By Liliana Alvarez

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