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Common Problems You Can Encounter During Renovations

Written by:
Felicia Priedel

Home renovations can be exciting and stressful. The final outcome will excite anyone because of the guaranteed home transformation. However, the process comes with challenges. There is no such thing as a stress-free renovation process, but it is possible to make the project less daunting by avoiding some common problems you can encounter during renovations.

Foundations Cracks

A homeowner doesn’t want to hear their contractor say, “You’ve got foundation problems.” It’s an actual nightmare. Once you find foundation problems, the renovations will have to hold. Professional contractors build sturdy homes, but nothing is perfect.

Over time homes will experience some wear and tear. Foundation cracks are more common in older homes. The cement used could start to crumble or there might be water damage in some places. Consider having your home inspected by a structural engineer before starting your renovation process to ensure it’s a possibility.

Delayed Timeline

A delayed timeline happens more often than you think. So many different factors can cause a delay in your home renovations. As previously stated, there can be foundation cracks or water damage. The homeowner will need to fix these issues before further processing.

There can always be a problem with the materials ordered. Some may take longer to arrive than others or unsafe materials may pop up. Older homes sometimes contain lead, a health hazard. Areas like the basement or attic may contain asbestos and no renovations can happen with those problems in play.

Depending on how many walls you need to tear away to rid your home of these issues, you’ll need to have an adequate dumping container and make sure you rent one big enough to hold all the disposed of materials.

Over Budget

Budget. Budget. Budget. Expect your renovations to go over budget. When problems arise and cause delays, the price may increase and without a proper your budget and emergency fund, your renovations may not happen.

Create a set budget for the renovations and go over it thoroughly with the contractor before proceeding. They should tell you the price prior to the project’s start. 

Outdated Plumbing and Electrical

Older homes have different building codes than the ones today. Once you start renovations, you can see if the plumbing and electricity is up to code. Old plumbing could result in clogging or leaking in your home once the contractor completes the renovations.

Outdated electrical may not be able to support new appliances. It does not make sense to complete renovations without rectifying these problems first. You’ll find yourself living in an updated home that can’t support basic human requirements.

Tackle these issues first and save yourself the headache and frustrations these common problems will cause during your home renovations.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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