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Celebrity Expats Who Own Real Estate in Turkey

Written by:
Elizabeth Mickhaylova
Engin Yapici

Celebrities are essential to the World. When you've had a crush or a deep-rooted attraction toward people, you feel blessed for the opportunity to know them and follow their lives. Interestingly, these need not be people you have met, they may be an icon from a movie, favourite sports people, social media influencers, etc. Whoever you have found inspirational, it is often interesting to know what such a person is involved in and where they have properties! Buying flats in Turkey for expats is no minor deal, and it may help you find one of your favourite properties in the beautiful city of carpets (Istanbul) or any of the fantastic Turkey districts!

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Here are ten celebrities who own real estate in Turkey

This article contains a list of ten stars who have invested in real estate in Turkey and as much information as could be gathered from research.

1. Anastasia Makeeva: This one is for Russian movie lovers. Fans of Home Sweet Home, Love and hate series, and Sniffer often feel delighted to see their beautiful Russian star – Anastasia Makeeva, owning property in ancient Turkey. In 2021, she purchased a penthouse at about 130, 000 dollars and it made rounds in the news. Her penthouse is located in Mahmutlar, Ankara, after she had considered many other countries, including Spain, Greece, and Cyprus. Since the unstable situation in the global area, many foreigners have bought properties in different parts of Turkey, and Anastasia is not left out.

2. Christiano Ronaldo: One of the World's best Greatest footballers of all time (GOAT) also joined in on the train to Turkey when he bought a large twelve thousand square metre villa in Izmir, Turkey. He sealed the purchase in 2015 and is often seen vacationing on the different islands of Turkey. The footballer, who doesn't waste time to enjoy his wealth, spent a lavish three (3) million dollars to obtain the property, and from information reaching the writer at this point, he owns the property to date. 

3. Jennifer Lopez: This Maid in Manhattan and Anaconda princess has blessed the screens with beauty and action and has shared that with the Turkey real estate industry. In 2012, she purchased a property in Ataşehir from where one can easily see the unparalleled Bosphorus Strait and the water link between the black sea and the open ocean. If Jlo (as she is fondly called by fans) can see the potential in Turkey, you should look into it again.

4. Anjelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Hollywood power couple as they then were another set of great celebrities to own property in Turkey. In 2015, the couple spent 2.6 million dollars to purchase an elaborate seven-bedroom villa mansion in Izmir, Turkey. Now that the couple has separated, it is unclear what arrangements there are over the property, but it is hoped that more information will be released soon.

5. Naomi Campbell: Naomi Campbell got gifted a Turkey Icelandic house in 2011 when she turned 41. Although she did not go out to purchase the property, she visited the location and commented severally about her stay in Turkey and her love for Turkish culture. Her Turkish property is on Cleopatra Island, a wonder to behold.

The New Interest in Turkey

The new interest in Turkey has many propellants. It may be a point of escape for Russian investors, should there ever be a need. For vacationists who live in the cold west, it is a warm escape for the family, and for some celebrities, it is an added luxury spot for families and personal time away from all the noise.

Turkey lifestyle is also impressive and inclusive, hosting people from all over the World with fantastic location options.


Does this mean that Turkey is a profitable venture? You must know that celebrities usually buy for vacation purposes and not necessarily for profit. You may want factual information on the real estate market and available profits. Thankfully, Turkey is a lovely place to invest in for profit.

By Liliana Alvarez

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