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Art Lovers Can Now Readily Enjoy Masterpieces in Their Homes

Written by:
Susan Melony

Art lovers often find themselves wandering museum halls and perusing gallery walls to catch a glimpse of their favorite paintings, and some people are even fortunate enough to have the resources to purchase a rare masterpiece when it comes up for auction. However, most individuals can only dream of owning a famous painting. 

Fortunately, this is all changing thanks to skilled reproduction artists. Nowadays, you can enjoy some of history’s most famous works at home at a price that’s actually affordable and attainable. 

One popular reproduction painting is The Haircut, but have you ever wondered why The Haircut painting is a must-have for art lovers? Keep reading on to learn more.

The Haircut and Its Lasting Impression on The Art World

The oil on canvas painting created by Edward Charles Burns may not be as famous as Davinci’s Mona Lisa or Monet’s Water Lilies, but The Haircut holds a special place in the hearts of art lovers. Depicting a charming image of a young girl getting ready to snip off her long hair, it is an image many parents can identify with.

The painting also gives viewers a glimpse of life in the 19th century. Just beyond the door to the little girl’s room, you can see a servant trudging up the stairs.

Edward Charles Burn’s attention to detail, from the muted draperies to the various clutter on the vanity and the little girl’s footstool, gives the painting a sense of realism. This work of realism is a departure from the French Impressionist movement that was still taking the art world by storm.

Today’s art collectors love the painting for its gentle depiction of a small child that every parent can relate to. While you may not be able to own the original painting, you can hang a quality reproduction on your walls.

Tips on Choosing the Best Art Reproduction Service

Since most art lovers do not have bank accounts large enough to purchase a Picasso or Edward Charles Burns original painting, many are turning to art reproduction services. You can have a copy of your favorite masterpiece, like The Haircut, hanging on your walls without breaking your wallet or taking out a bank loan.

Before you place an order for a copy of The Haircut or any other masterpiece, you want to make sure you’re working with a reputable reproduction company. The reproduction painting should be precisely the same as the original, down to the brushstrokes and type of medium used.

Here are a few tips to help ensure your reproduction of The Haircut looks like it was created by the original artist.

Reputation is Everything in the Art World

Word of mouth will help you get started in your search for an art reproduction service. But don’t stop looking for a service based on a verbal referral from a fellow collector. Almost any reproduction artist can produce at least one great copy of an original. You want assurances the reproduction artist can continue to create exceptional copies of masterpieces.

The purpose of buying a reproduction painting is to have the same feelings you get gazing at the original. Along with relying on your friends, ask if you can read the service’s customer reviews. Most art reproduction companies have a webpage dedicated to their clients’ comments. If the company cannot provide reviews and references, it can be a red flag.

You also want to see more than a couple of reviews. When the reviews are limited in number, it can mean the company does not have a long list of satisfied customers, or they are just starting in the business. Experience counts, and it is something you want to look for in an art reproduction service.

Quality Materials are Crucial

Okay, so sometimes, the masters did not use high-quality materials in their work—Davinci is well-known and famous for his sketches and drawings on pieces of paper. However, it’s a little different when you’re looking for a reproduction of your favorite painting to hang on your walls.

Along with using high-quality art materials, you also want to work with a reproduction company that is faithful to the artist’s original medium. For example, The Haircut is an oil on canvas painting, so you should expect the same from the reproduction.

Experience is Key

Even though some master painters are never formally trained, it’s a little different when you’re purchasing a reproduction painting. You want to choose an artwork reproduction service that employs artists with experience in different techniques and capable of working with different mediums.

This typically means the service employs several artists. Some may have experience with chalk and others with oil-based paints. Experience also applies to the painting’s style. This includes everything from realism and impressionism to cubism, abstract, and more.

Compare Pricing

Your reproduction painting of The Haircut is significantly lower in value than the original. This is reflected in the price you pay to hand the reproduction on your wall. However, different artwork reproduction companies vary in pricing, so it’s a good idea to shop around.

You may not want to go with the lowest-priced service that’s available, but this also doesn’t mean you need to go with one that’s charging the most. When you’re reviewing the various services’ references, check the pricing.

Some reproduction services also offer discounts on select paintings—maybe you’ll find a discounted reproduction that speaks to the art lover in you. You may even be able to bundle several reproductions to get a lower price overall.

Time it Takes to Receive Your Reproduction Painting

Don’t expect your commissioned reproduction painting to be finished within 24 hours, which is simply unrealistic to expect. Remember, an experienced artist is creating the reproduction from a blank canvas. Paints require mixing, and the artist needs time to get every detail perfect. Then there’s the time it takes for the paint to dry.

You should expect to receive your finished reproduction masterpiece within a few weeks. Some services can take longer, so it’s a good idea to ask about turn-around times.

You Can Own a Masterpiece Painting without Spending a Fortune

Even though it is always nice to own an original piece of art, it’s typically affordable or attainable for most people out there. Thankfully, the next best option is to work with an artwork reproduction service. 

Do your homework and ensure you’re working with a reputable service, and before long you can enjoy The Haircut and other famous paintings in your home. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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