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5 Trends in Canadian Architecture to Watch in 2022

Written by:
Dave Belyea
Stéphane Brügger (cover image), Med Badr Chemmaoui, Deconovo, Katsia Jazwinska, Katja Rooke, Sidekix Media,

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly influenced home trends for the last couple of years. And it will continue to do so for this year.

As time goes by, people are slowly moving away from preset designs and furniture and into personalized ones. There has been a rise in the urge to make homes an expression of one’s own identity.

People have focused on home improvements that made the aesthetics of their home suit their tastes better. Whether you’re looking to renovate or have a new home built, these are the home design trends that will dominate in 2022.

5 Chic Canadian Architecture Trends

Multifunctional Spaces

multifunctional living roomimage © Med Badr Chemmaoui

The new work-from-home setup is the driving force for the growing interest in multifunctional spaces. People renovated their homes so that some rooms could double as a home office.

Multigenerational living has also been gaining popularity. Because land prices keep going up, families prefer adding rooms to an existing house instead of looking for a new house altogether. They want common spaces like a living room to cater to everyone’s needs—whether it’s a play area for the kids or a place of relaxation for the adults.

Soft Geometry

soft geometry image © Deconovo

People are moving away from sharp lines and towards more flowy and wavy aesthetics. Waterfall countertops, circular tables, arched windows—all these are ‘in’ for 2022.

Curved elements are expected to be seen more on ceilings and home bars. Accessories such as rugs and lamps could also take on the flowy aesthetic. Furniture like couches and chandeliers could also help you achieve this softer look for your home.

New Minimalism

leather sofaimage © Katsia Jazwinska

Minimalism isn’t only about the clean finish anymore. Nowadays, it has also taken on the purpose of being energy efficient.

New minimalism is all about being eco-friendly and using materials that wouldn’t harm the environment. Modern furniture and appliances are now engineered to use as little energy as possible.

Inside Out, Outside In

image © Katja Rook

Because people now spend most of their time at home, it created a desire for bringing outside elements inside their home. This is why indoor plants became popular. Natural and earth tones have also made their way into homes for the same reason.

People now prefer having that outdoor feel even when they’re in the comfort of their homes. This is why outdoor kitchens and backyard decks have also become popular in recent years. Windows that extend from the ceiling to the floor are also one of the elements that give an outdoor feel to your home.

Boujee Bathrooms

bathroom interior image © Sidekix Media

Bathrooms have now become a place for relaxation for people. Spa-like experiences are now a trend for bathrooms.

You can achieve this vibe by investing in a bathtub with a tray that holds wine and food. Curbless shower rooms are also more relaxing. Towel warmers and backlit vanity mirrors are also great additions to bathrooms.

Home Improvements

These are the home trends that are expected to make waves this year. But remember that you can always take on other home maintenance projects like reroofing or landscaping projects. Whichever you decide on, make sure it’s something that adds value to your property.

To recap, here are the trends in Canadian architecture that you can incorporate into your home design:

     - Multifunctional spaces. A bedroom that doubles as a home office. A living room that can also work as a place area for children. A kitchen that can be a dining room.

     - Soft geometry. Wavy and flowy aesthetics. Waterfall countertops, curved couches, and round tables. Circular rugs and lamps. Arched windows and doorways.

     - New minimalism. Energy-efficient appliances and furniture that give a clean and more elegant finish.

     - Inside out, outside in. Indoor plants. Earthy and natural tones. Full-length windows and glass curtains. Outdoor kitchens and backyard decks.

     - Boujee bathrooms. Bathtubs with a wine and food holder. Curbless shower rooms. Towel warmers and backlit vanity mirrors. Home sauna or jacuzzi.

By Liliana Alvarez

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