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Maximalism by Sarkawt Haider - Kurdistan

The Kurdish architect Sarkawt Haider has created an architectural visualization series titled ''Maximalism'' that embraces the definition of the word in its use of saturated color and environment design. 

Maximalism by Sarkawt Haider in Kurdistan

a lake side cabin house in the mountains

a cliff house in the jungle

the sun hitting the snowy mountains

a cabin in the woods

a cabin on the rocky shore

rendering image shows under water view

red mountains surrounded by pine trees

aerial images of the house

a cozy living space on the deck above water

cottage surrouned with beautiful nature

wooden house in the middle of jungle

violet flower


dirt road toward the cottage

big pine tree

interior with cozy furniture

saturated living room

pendant lamps hanged over chairs

dining table

glass flower pot

master bedroom


red sofa with ancient carpet

modern bedroom

Architect: Sarkawt Haider

Visualization: Sarkawt Haider

Location: Kurdistan

Tools used: Autodesk 3ds MaxAdobe Photoshop, Zbrush,Substance Painter ,SpeedTree ,Megascans ,World Machine, Lightroom, Wacom Intuos, corona


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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