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Brasília celebrates its anniversary with a new lease of life for the legacy of modernist design

Product type:
Decorative Tiles
Estúdio Mosaico
Product name:
Combo Brasília
+55 61 996737559 / contato@estudiomosaico.com.br
Design year:
Lucia Kozak Simaan, Gustavo Cardoso Cantuaria, Daniel Simaan Franca
Exterior and Interior
Walls, ceilings, backsplash
Authoral design, handcrafted
Ceramic tiles
Various (palette of 19 colors)
Starting from R$520/m² (520 BRL)

This April, the city of Brasilia celebrates its 64th birthday, marking another year in a history rich in history, culture and art. Since its conception as a modernist city, designed to be a landmark of development and progress, Brasília has continued to be a pulsating center of creativity and cultural diversity. In the city's streets, squares and cultural spaces, the celebration manifests itself in the form of art exhibitions, musical performances and events that highlight Brazil's rich cultural heritage.

In celebration of Brasília's anniversary, Estúdio Mosaico, based in the Brazilian capital, is presenting a collection of tiles inspired by the city's modernist essence. Under the direction of award-winning architects Lucia Kozak Simaan, Gustavo Cantuária and Daniel Simaan França, the studio continues to shape the contemporary tile scene.

Combo Brasília: a combination of four designs inspired by the city's features.

In this context, Estúdio Mosaico's launches reveal a diverse range of features that invite visual and sensory exploration, highlighting the history and culture of the Brazilian capital. The geometry of the tiles and the vibrant explosion of colors and shapes promises to enrich spaces with a unique expression of art, creativity and sophistication.

There are four tile designs inspired by the city's monuments and features, which can also be combined in a single panel that directly refers to the capital's architecture and urbanism.

Combo JK: Tile inspired by the presidential palace in Brasilia.

Lúcio tile: The design pays homage to the Pilot Plan of Brasilia, with its axes designed by the architect and urban planner Lúcio Costa.

Capital tile: The design is inspired by the straight and curved lines of the National Congress.

Oscar tile: The design is reminiscent of Niemeyer's curves for Brasília Cathedral.

Combo Brasília: a combination of four designs inspired by the city's features.

About Estúdio Mosaico

Estúdio Mosaico embraces the union between art and architecture - a symbiotic relationship where one inspires the other to grow and exist. Through the art of tiling, they create panels that reflect the search for perfect synchrony between space, color, lines, planes, volumes and light.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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