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By creating a distinctive spatial environment that embodies a "powerful impact," the regional brand breaks through the fog of obscurity that has shrouded it for the past twenty years. Through in-depth exploration of the target audience, the establishment of memorable spatial elements, and the cultivation of emotional value, a series of methods are...
Project name
WANG BBQ Hepingli Flagship Store
Interior design
Beijing IN•X Design Co., Ltd.
Beijing, China
Boris Shiu; Videography: Xiao Shiming
Strategic Dining franchise: We discover the consistency between the brand and urban culture, and interpret it through space, thus creating unique local sensation for Shanghai Yen, creating active new market. In the 20th century, after decades of development, Shanghai cuisines have evolved from rustic dishes to exalted culinary products.
Project name
W branch of Xi’an of Shanghai Yen
Architecture firm
IN•X Design
Xi’an, China
Zheng Yan